Chicago Cubs have reached a new low

Posted September 5, 2012 at 10:39 am


Complaining about the performance of the Cubs, and I use the word performance loosely, is like beating a dead horse. You can beat that dead horse all you want but it’s not going to suddenly get up and become something.

Now I’ve never beat a dead horse, but I surely have ripped on the Cubbies a time or two in this column. And I’m pretty sure most are tired of reading about it but I’m pretty stubborn and pretty disgusted in this team right now.

The Cubs are on a streak of futility right now, even though they had an exciting 12-11 come from behind win last Thursday.

Prior to that, here are some depressing stats for this team, and I’m not even going to dump on their 50-80 record as I write this. Here are some numbers for the month of August, excluding today’s (Aug. 31) game.

A penchant for strikeouts has taken over this team. And with all the strikeouts the Cubs have left huge amounts of runners on base.

The Cubs went 6-21 for the month. They struck out 184 times and left 352 runners on base. They scored only 96 runs the entire month. That averages to 6.82 K’s a game, over 13 runners a game LOB while averaging 3.56 runs a game.

I’m only heaping on their offense because their young pitching staff has done well enough to win a few more games.

I realize these guys are a young team but I see some bad habits forming when I watch them. They are clueless when it comes to selecting good pitches to hit. They swing at balls and look at strikes and it’s not just one or two guys. Look up and down the lineup and these fresh faces are finding it hard to compete at the Major League level.

Going back to August’s offensive stats, the Cubs played most of their games against teams with losing records. The Padres, Brewers, Rockies, Diamondbacks and Astros were involved with quite a few of those August games.

The only reason the Cubs aren’t the worst team in baseball right now is because of the Twins and Astros.

I do believe the Cubs have the right manager in place and the right leadership at the top. Only time will tell how the future plays out. The organization has dumped some expensive salaries and should be able to sign some off-season free agents, if they choose to go that route.

And of course, I, like every Cub fan, will keep on watching and cheering on our beloved Cubbies!