Fantasy sports keep me involved

Posted September 27, 2012 at 9:28 am


Yesterday marked the end to my fantasy baseball league. Most of the guys in our league either played high school baseball for me or have been or are currently involved coaching the high school team. Some have done both.

I ended the regular season sixth, good enough to make our six-team playoffs. For most of the year I led the league but injuries to some key players knocked me down a few spots.

I won my first round playoff game, knocking off the third seed. I then lost a battle to make the championship game where both my opponent and I waged a fierce battle for pitching statistics. I ended up getting clobbered.

In the consolation game I beat the fourth-seeded team to finish third.

Our fantasy group has been intact for several years and this year we put a little bit of money on the line. The regular season champ won some cash and the top two coaches finished in the money.

Unfortunately for me I didn’t win squat.

Putting up an entry fee made our league more interesting and I hope we continue this tradition.

Fantasy football. We are also into our third week of fantasy football. Most of the guys are the same ones from baseball.

Our chief smack talker has been relatively quiet this year. His comments in the comment section over the years are fun and interesting. I hope he starts chirping soon!

NASCAR Pool. My third fun fantasy adventure is Clarkie’s racing pool. I’ve won some cash several times in this league and am inching closer to being in the money but I have a feeling that time is running on my race team.

What I like best about fantasy sports is it keeps me involved. I get to know players on other teams than my favorites and find cheering for other football/baseball players fun.

Having both baseball and football being run through Yahoo keeps me glued to my computer most nights. I have been known on occasion to utter some expletives at my screen from time to time.

Just so it doesn’t happen at work, I should be okay. Of course, being okay is just a matter of opinion!