Fun with limericks

Posted October 10, 2012 at 10:49 am


I like limericks. So I made some up.

Ode to the Hawks

Some Gophers came down to this area.

And played like they all had malaria.

But I felt small woe,

For many I know,

Erupted in general hysteria.

Ode to participation

To students who choose not to play

No matter the reason you say

Just this chance you get

Don’t sigh with regret

When high school is over someday

Ode to next year

Take heart, fans of Cubs and of Twins,

In spite of your minimal wins,

When October’s depleted,

Everyone’s undefeated,

Hope next year will give you some grins

Ode to Panther football

This Panther grid team I’ll recall,

No matter which side of the ball,

Or which team they faced,

They lined up and braced,

And went out to give it their all.

Ode to Packer Insurance

To Vegas once more I went back,

And bet on a championship Pack

I’d rather they fail,

But if they prevail,

At least I’ll have dough for the track.

Ode to the O’s

Remember a year ago? Wow!

When Baltimore took quite a bow.

They made Boston blue,

In game 162,

And look at the Orioles now!

Ode to the 10-cent bet

So dime superfectas it’s clear,

Are wagers that I now hold dear

They’re fun and they’re cheap,

With luck you can reap

Enough to fund betting next year.

Ode to Nov. 6

Election day is a sensation,

So find out your polling location.

No matter the vote,

I hope we take note,

That “party” is second to “nation!”