Monticello Express Editorial

Posted October 24, 2012 at 10:36 am

Complete election coverage aids voters

Inside this week’s issue of the Monticello Express, you will find a special section dedicated to the Nov. 6 election. With so many candidates running for various national, state and local offices, in an effort to allow each to voice his or her own opinions, it was important to devote a separate section to the 2012 election.

We reached out to 13 candidates, whether incumbents, elected officials or those running unopposed. Questionnaires were sent out to each candidate, tailored to his or her position (example: sheriff, county supervisor, U.S. representative, etc.). Their responses to the questionnaires are in Section B of this week’s Express.

Along with the candidates’ questionnaires, we also published many Letters to the Editor within the special section. It is important to note that our deadline for all Letters to the Editor is 5 p.m. on Fridays. To ensure that your letter will appear inside the most recent issue of the Monticello Express, please e-mail your letter to

Every Monday, we put together the newspaper for that particular week. Any letters we receive on Monday may or may not make the newspaper, depending on the room we have.

This special election section would not have been possible without the cooperation and timely responses from the candidates themselves. This section was done to allow the candidates a forum for getting their ideas out to the voters in an unbiased format.

Their responses hopefully give undecided voters some insight into who each candidate is. It is important to be an educated voter, know who is running for which office and what each candidate stands for. While some candidates are running unopposed in their respective fields, it is still your duty as a voter to know their ideals as well.

This election is receiving heightened attention and as the days draw near (two weeks to be exact), do your research on each of these candidates. Vote for the person who you feel will best represent you and keep the residents of Jones County, Iowa and this country in mind when serving in office. (K.N.B.)