Is the ‘fun’ over yet?

Posted October 24, 2012 at 10:37 am

BABBLING BROOKS column–Express Editor Kim Brooks

I think we are all fed up with this coming election on Nov. 6! There’s been so much attention that it may have even turned off those who can’t even vote yet.

Between the debates, national news television coverage, national magazine coverage (I can’t walk past a magazine rack without seeing Obama or Romney on the cover of some news magazine.), state newspaper coverage, local television news coverage, commercials and the pounds of mailings flooding my mailbox, it’s been more than enough. And being an independent voter, I get to enjoy twice the amount of election mail. I think my voting philosophy will be: “I’ll vote for the candidate who DOES NOT fill my mailbox on a daily basis.”

There have been four debates between the presidential and vice presidential candidates coming into the home stretch. From my perspective, the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan was the most entertaining. The two acted like children bickering back and forth versus answering the moderator’s questions.

That seems to be a theme in these debates. They are not so much a debate but a forum for Obama, Biden, Romney and Ryan to argue back and forth. Even at the town hall forum, the two presidential candidates spent more time proving the other wrong that they only had mere seconds to answer the audiences’ questions. Then they complained they weren’t given adequate time to answer the questions.

I really do not think these debates are helping the undecided voters, as the media claims. Yes, it is the undecided voter who may very well make or break this election, but who wants to vote for someone who is constantly blaming the past administration or blames the current administration for our country’s failures? At this rate, any of the third party candidates are sounding more and more appealing.

The news is not the only format for catching political programming. Tune into any comedian and there is no shortage of jokes out there. Saturday Night Live has opened its weekly late night show twice now with parodies of one of the presidential debates and the vice presidential debate. The comics on SNL certainly play up the feuding between the candidates.

Now Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, two men who have made a huge living as comics, have turned this election into a mega deal. Colbert has been dominating with the Colbert super PAC and Stewart recently took on political dynamo Bill O’Reilly in an online debate, where viewers paid to log online to watch the debate. The money went to fund programs for kids with autism; a worthy cause. While the debate was all in fun, it just proved how far this election “fun” has spread.

Now celebrities are getting in the action. Seth MacFarlane, Rashida Jones, Adam Scott, Ashley Judd and Ben McKenzie have all visited Iowa colleges in an effort to campaign for President Obama. It seems Obama has made a name for himself and quite an impression on the likes of Hollywood. Even musicians Jay Z and wife Beyonce and actor husband-wife duo Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker have hosted dinners for the Obamas as fundraisers for the campaign.

You can’t get on Twitter or Facebook these days without seeing posts or comments about the election in some fashion. (Yes, even I admit to using the likes of Facebook for my political fodder.)

We are no longer safe or immune to politics. It is everywhere and unavoidable. But we can fight back and make up our own minds when it comes to Election Day. Do your own research; get to know the candidates for themselves, and not for what their opponent has to say.

And, stay tuned for even more political humor in the weeks to come.