Halloween for all ages

Posted October 31, 2012 at 11:02 am

BABBLING BROOKS column–Express Editor Kim Brooks

Halloween should be a holiday for all to enjoy, not just the kiddos who go out trick-or-treating on the 31st. I’m willing to bet I could disguise myself and walk around town, knocking on doors for my Halloween candy and no one would even know the Express editor went trick-or-treating! (Be on guard.) Just when you think, “Gee that 12-year-old is too old to be trick-or-treating,” it might actually be a 28-year-old.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I can’t remember when my sister and I stopped ringing doorbells for free candy; I was probably in junior high school at the time.

My younger sister and I would pile into my mom’s car, along with our cousins who lived on a farm in Greeley, and drive around town till our time was up. While some people visit the homes of people they know, we hit ‘em all. The more candy the better, I say!

And boy, have Halloween costumes changed! No longer can you just spend $10 on a decent costume, which you only wear one night out of the entire year. Even costumes for the youngsters are $20 and $30. I stopped in a Halloween costume shop over the weekend. I wasn’t shopping for a costume, but if I were, that would not have been the place to buy one. Price tags read $40 up to $60 for a costume! I could buy clothes to wear year-round with that amount of money versus one outfit for a single night. That’s outrageous! (And many of these costumes didn’t cover what normal clothing would at that price!)

Growing up, we would occasionally buy our costumes from the store or find bits and pieces around the house to put a get-up together. I’ve dressed up as Mini Mouse, a bubble gum machine, a princess, and when I was older, I wore my mom’s Army uniform. You can find some of the best costumes for free at home.

In Monticello, businesses stay open late the Thursday before Halloween for the annual “Treats on the Streets” event. Kids can dress up and pop into participating businesses and trick-or-treat early. Then they get to do the same thing on the 31st. Double the amount of candy! What a bargain!

While you’re out trick-or-treating today, remember how much fun it was when you were a kid. Happy Halloween!