Edgewood Locker meat sales strong for Great Pastimes

Posted October 31, 2012 at 12:43 pm


By Kim Brooks, Express Editor

Great Pastimes in Monticello has been selling something new, and it has been quite a hit with customers! A little over a year ago, Cindy and Kent Behrends, who own and operate Great Pastimes, decided to start selling meat (various beef and pork items) direct from the Edgewood Locker.

Cindy said after Family Foods closed in town, people didn’t have a local outlet to go to on Sundays to purchase meat products.

“There’s nothing open,” she said. “We’ve been doing well with it.”

Cindy said the Edgewood Locker has a great reputation in the area and in Eastern Iowa in general. They cater for many events from weddings to fundraisers and more. The locker has also catered events in Monticello including the Sacred Heart annual gala.

In starting out, Cindy said the locker made some suggestions as to which meat selections to sell. As time goes on, she said customers will request certain items and Cindy is able to pick those up as well. Kent calls in the orders every Monday and Cindy makes the trip to Edgewood every Thursday to pick them up.

“The Edgewood Locker is great to work with,” Cindy boasted. “They have been very helpful.”

Great Pastimes not only stocks a cooler with hot dogs and brats, but also has a freezer full of meat as well. Some of their popular pork items include: brats, BBQ pork, breaded tenderloins, small pork chops, multiple kinds of bacon, summer sausage, honey pork sticks, pork patties, sausage links and seasoned meat as well. Cindy said she couldn’t believe the locker sells up to 20 different kinds of brats!

The locker also labels and packages everything for Great Pastimes.

“People really seem to like the variety,” said Cindy. She said during certain times of the year, people will request roasts for the holidays or brats and hot dogs during the summer.

This addition to the business benefits Great Pastimes with more patrons coming in that might not have otherwise.

“It’s great exposure for both of us (Great Pastimes and the Edgewood Locker),” Cindy noted.