Barn Pork Loin a hit at Teddy’s Barn & Grill

Posted October 31, 2012 at 12:45 pm



By Kim Brooks, Express Editor

Teddy’s Barn & Grill out of Amber only opened in May, but they already have a decent following of customers.

“Fridays and Saturdays are busy enough for us,” said Deb Behrends, who owns the restaurant with husband Scott.

The place has also been filling with group parties like wedding receptions, senior dining groups, family meals and business events. Deb said they try and reserve the basement (ground) level for bigger parties.

With Teddy’s chef, Angus Farrowe, staying busy in the kitchen with multiple orders, the one dish customers come back to order time and time again is Teddy’s Barn Pork Loin. Deb said it is a generous portion of two loin slices, topped with a honey and onion marmalade sauce.

“It’s a good value,” Deb said. She said the combination of the flavors complements the entire meal.

The meal comes with two sides. Farrowe recommends ordering rice pilaf, glazed carrots and cheesy potatoes.

The pork roast is cooked whole every day. The slices are about half an inch thick. Once the sauce is poured over the pork slices, corn bread croutons are added to the scrumptious display of food.

“The sauce is subdued, but sweet,” explained Farrowe. He described it as a sweet barbecue flavoring.

“It makes for a nice, complete meal,” Farrowe said of the finished product.

Behrends said they get their pork products from their food distributor. She said they have been very happy with the product.

Some other pork menu items Teddy’s Barn & Grill has in the works is a ground pork salad, similar to their chicken salad, and a chipotle pork chili, made without beans.

“It’s spicy, but not bad,” said Deb.

As always, there are plenty of menu items to choose from at Teddy’s. Some items are seasonal and come and go with the time of year and when certain foods are available, such as summer squash.

“When items are seasonal,” Deb said, “they are usually cheaper to buy.”

She said they want to try and keep the menu fresh for customers so they are not always offering the same meals every time. The staff at Teddy’s is working with a chef consultant, which they brought in when they first opened, to help suggest menu items. One thing they started earlier this year was a special, two meals for $20. Deb said this is definitely something they are going to bring back, but this time limit the special choices and also offer separate items at this discount price. They are working of creating a menu of skillet meals, offering smaller portions of the Barn Pork Loin and a flat bread pizza, which is a big hit on the children’s menu for adults as well.

“We plan to change the menu four times a year with the seasons,” said Deb. “Scott wants to have items on the menu that people wouldn’t expect to get just anywhere.”

The one thing the Behrends want people to know about Teddy’s is that it is a very unique dining experience in a unique atmosphere.

“This is a jewel in Jones County,” Deb said. “There’s nothing like it around.”

She said their atmosphere is not high class, nor is it expensive. They get a variety of customers from all walks of life coming in to dine: people on motorcycle rides, farmers, families and couples out for a night.

“It’s a welcoming night out,” said Deb.

Teddy’s Barn & Grill is open Tuesday through Saturday, 5 to 10 p.m. Starting Sunday, Nov. 11, they will be open for Sunday brunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Brunch items are offered off the menu only, not buffet-style.

Teddy’s is also booking reservations for holiday dinners. Deb encourages calling now to book a date, as prime weekends are going fast. Call 319-462-3040 to make a reservation.

PHOTO: Angus Farrowe, the chef at Teddy’s Barn & Grill, slices pork roast in preparation for its biggest seller, the Barn Pork Loin. The pork is cooked whole and sliced for each serving. (Photo by Kim Brooks)