Monticello Express Editorial

Posted November 14, 2012 at 1:47 pm

Help the community this Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for giving to others. While some families gather with loved ones to take part in a festive feast, others are without family or a place to go this holiday season. Some have family who live out of the area and are unable to get together.

There’s a great tradition some people in this town put together this time of the year: the Community Thanksgiving Dinner. Thanks to the hard work of some very dedicated people, led by the Feuling family of Scotch Grove, this free annual Thanksgiving meal is open to anyone: families, the elderly, those without family near by.

Think of all the work and preparation it takes your family to prepare for your annual Thanksgiving meal. The work and costs associated with the Community Thanksgiving Dinner is a huge meal. It takes multiple turkeys, multiple everything. That’s why this cause is worthy of donations to help feed all those who take part in this great tradition in Monticello. While you’re out buying items for your Thanksgiving meal, pick up an extra box of stuffing or an extra bag of dinner rolls to donate to the community deal.

People give in so many different ways. You can give your time, talents or money the way you see fit. If you’d rather leave the shopping to the experts who know exactly what it takes to feed everyone for this meal, then donate some of your time to deliver meals that day to those who are unable to get out, or come to the Berndes Center, where the meal is held, and lend a hand preparing the meals for those dining in. You can also simply donate funds towards this community effort to allow organizers to purchase what is needed.

This is a community event. Volunteers just don’t feed the community; it takes this community to do so. People give up their Thanksgivings to come together for a worthy cause.

Growing up, my mom, sister and I would volunteer each year the Sunday before Thanksgiving at our church, serving the dozens and dozens of people who took part in our community’s free Thanksgiving meal. All of the churches in town came together for this special occasion. It wasn’t a church function, but a community function. It was worth it, seeing the smiles on people’s faces, seeing them have a great time of fellowship with others, knowing they weren’t spending their Thanksgiving alone.

To partake in the Monticello Community Thanksgiving Dinner or to donate to the cause in one way or another, contact Terry or Bruce Feuling at 319-465-3219.

Another worthy cause in the community is the local food pantry, which serves the Monticello Community School District area. This food pantry has been going for about 20 years and, with recent hardships, has had to build up its stock once again. People now, more than ever, are using the food pantry to feed their families.

Local businesses and organizations donate non-perishable food items to the pantry as well as monetary donations. There is always a need at the food pantry. Look through your cupboards at home. If you have items that have not yet expired that you don’t think you’ll use, look at donating them to the food pantry. Next time you’re getting your groceries, pick up something extra at the store to donate as well. Every bit helps feed this community.

Lend a hand or donate this Thanksgiving! (K.N.B.)