Monticello Express Editorial

Posted December 12, 2012 at 11:45 am

Still open for business

After talking and visiting with the business owners over the past couple of weeks who were affected by the Nov. 28 fire, you can’t help but smile.

Don’t take that the wrong way; it’s really a compliment to these people.

After a devastating fire not only affected their business, but their livelihood, they picked themselves up and wasted no time at all. They are dedicated to this community and their customers, that’s for sure!

Looking at the 100 block of E. First Street that was touched by the fire, there is a void in the downtown district. Living across the street from these businesses myself, it’s sad to see boarded up windows, darkened storefronts and almost a block without holiday lights and festive window displays.

But all that has changed with some of these businesses finding new locations in town. They have once again opened their doors to customers. They are excited to serve the public once again.

And that is where you come in…

“Shop Smart. Shop Local.” is a slogan/theme the Monticello Area Chamber of Commerce penned to encourage people to stop into local businesses and support them. You don’t necessarily have to leave town or shop at big box stores when our local shops and businesses sell the same merchandise. By shopping locally, you’re keeping money in Monticello. You’re supporting your neighbors who live and work in Monticello. You’re supporting the community. You’re making a statement that Monticello is important to you.

As the days dwindle down and Christmas approaches, support our local businesses and keep in mind that Home Furniture Gallery, Monticello Carpet & Interiors, Tease Salon & Spa and Keleher’s Jewelry are still here. Diane Gray from Monticello Carpet said it best during a recent interview. Gray said they lost a building, not their business. (K.N.B.)