Top 10 lists to end the year

Posted December 12, 2012 at 11:45 am

Santa woes

After taking pictures at the Santa House downtown next to REM Electric last week (Thursday and Saturday), I starting thinking about my Santa visits over the years.

Santa was always pretty good to my younger sister and me. Over the years he brought me a new bike (without training wheels), a Super Nintendo (those game consoles are ancient now), and lots of movies and CDs.

Listening to what the good boys and girls in Monticello asked Santa for, I was quite impressed. Some of the kids wanted toy tractors and farm sets, musical instruments, clothing, dolls and more. One little girl even told Santa to give toys to other boys and girls who don’t have any toys themselves. That was a very selfless request.

I even paid a visit to Santa myself last week when he was in town. I told him I was very good this past year. I came to work on time. I cleaned my apartment often. I tried being nice to my younger sister. I think this all qualifies me for the “nice” list.

While some kids were excited to see Santa and his twin elves here in town, others were less than thrilled. I think it comes with age. I don’t recall ever being terrified of Santa myself, but I’m sure I was pretty young.

I think kids are initially excited at the thought of Santa, but when they see him in person, the shock and anxiety sets in. There were some tears, some shy kids, some who were nervous to step foot into the Santa House to begin with.

Then you had those who were ecstatic to see the jolly ole man! One little boy even danced a little jig for Santa and his elves!

How do they judge “best” and “worst?”

Entertainment Weekly (a Hollywood entertainment magazine and website), has released its lists of the top 10 best and top five worst television shows of the year. (This is my favorite time of year, when TV shows, movies, celebrities and more are ranked according to top 10 lists.)

When looking over the top 10 best TV shows for 2012, I was surprised to find out I only watch one, yes one, of the shows on the list! I’m clearly not as big of a couch potato as I thought.

The list includes (from 10 to 1): Nashville, The Good Wife, Justified, Parks and Rec., The Colbert Report, Mad Men, Girls, Louie, Breaking Bad and Homeland.

I must be too busy and pre-occupied to watch so much TV these days.

The top five worst TV shows in 2012 were (from 5 to 1): American Idol, House of Lies, Anger Management, Animal Practice and Work It.

I’m thinking with the addition of country music super star Keith Urban (who is also headlining the Great Jones County Fair on Saturday, July 20) in the up-coming season of American Idol, the show should do much better.