What ever did we do without Internet?

Posted December 27, 2012 at 1:12 pm

BABBLING BROOKS column–Express Editor Kim Brooks

We never know how much our lives depend on the Internet and technology until something happens and we desperately need it.

Last Thursday, Dec. 20, in the midst of the first snowfall of the season, the Monticello Express experienced a major Internet outage! No e-mail. Nothing!

Well, due to early Christmas deadlines, that just happened to be our last working day to get everything (ads, photos and content) ready for the next day, Friday, when we lay out the newspaper. Of all days to NOT have access to e-mail and the Internet.

Thinking our antenna on the roof had snow and ice blocking the signal, it turned out not to be the case. After clearing the snow, we were still stranded so to speak.

Those of us who have laptops and wireless devices at home went back to retrieve them to bring to work. We set up wireless connections for those who absolutely needed e-mail and the Internet throughout the office.

While we didn’t have our e-mail perfectly back to normal to send and receive important e-mails for the upcoming paper, what we had was better than nothing.

I think this experience just goes to show you how much we all depend on technology and the Internet for our work and every day lives! Without it, you’re almost helpless in a way.

Some of us at the Express use our e-mail multiple times a day, to the point you don’t know how many times you’ve checked it in a day. As far as how dependent we are on the Internet and World Wide Web, who knows!

I’m online so often, looking up information for certain stories I’m writing, doing research in past issues of the Express online, getting the daily news from sources such as CNN and NBC and more.

Even in my personal life, I use the Internet for Facebook, photography work, online shopping, personal e-mail, etc., etc.

You are literally lost without your connection to the outside world!

What did society do before we had the Internet? Before e-mail?

Well, communication has certainly changed. People used to pick up the phone and call someone or physically came to see that person. Now we rely on e-mail, Facebook and text messages. I’m even guilty of that!

This might date me, but I can’t recall when I wasn’t using the Internet. It seems like we’ve always just had it at our fingertips, literally.

Knowing the Express wasn’t the only business or company without Internet during the snow storm, I think we have to commend our staff who came to work that day and put their heads together. With a little lack in the day’s normal work time, we were still able to check e-mails, access the Internet and get out into the elements for snow coverage photos of your local mail carrier delivering mail, kids spending their Snow Day sledding and everyone shoveling snow. (Thanks Pete Temple for the ride around town!)