KCRG spotlights Monticello

Posted January 9, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Monticello Express Editorial

If you have a cable/satellite provider that allows you to watch KCRG (our local ABC affiliate), then you may have seen a segment on Sunday night’s 10 p.m. news (Jan. 6) about the great City of Monticello! (You can also view it on KCRG’s website.)

While some businesses had to relocate due to the downtown fire in late November, and others have closed down for various reasons (Georgia Pacific, Hardee’s, Kum & Go and the Flower Shoppe), the town’s economy is still pushing forward.

The feature on KCRG alluded to the fact that we have new infrastructure in town: the new terminal building at the airport, the new Citizens State Bank Youth Development Center at the fairgrounds, expansions to industries such as Polo Custom Products, new and expanding businesses in the Welter area (Yogi’s and Oak Street Manufacturing) and a brand new golf club. The list is growing and growing!

So while some look at the empty buildings as a sign of bad times, drive around town and see all of the positive examples of growth in Monticello.

With empty buildings come new opportunities. GP has been bought locally and is now being utilized. The Hardee’s building has been remodeled and turned into a much-needed Mexican restaurant.

Every time Jones County Economic Development holds their monthly roundtable discussions, the common thread is that we have plenty of job opportunities and employment options here in town; it just takes the people to fill those holes.

Monticello is conveniently located along Highway 151, half way between Dubuque and Cedar Rapids. We have the best of both worlds, attracting people to our quaint town to live and work. While some people do work outside of town, they prefer the small-town lifestyle Monticello can provide.

It’s nice to be able to shop while staying in town. It’s nice to know we can get our necessities and wants with a simple drive (or walk) downtown. The services and needs the Monticello community fills makes life here so much easier for all. (K.N.B.)