A.J. Pickens offers old and new treasures

Posted January 31, 2013 at 12:41 pm

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PHOTO: A.J. Pickens is located just off of 11th Street in Monticello. Owner Jessie Intlekofer said many people would know it as the old dried whey building. The antiques and collectibles inside are “picked just for you.”

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PHOTO: Intlekofer ventures out to many auctions and sales to find just the right type of item to sell at her store here in Monticello. She also gets a lot of ideas from the popular website Pinterest. (Photos by Kim Brooks)


By Kim Brooks, Express Editor

If you drive on West 11th Street just outside of Monticello, you’ll notice a new business: A.J. Pickens!

The building is owned by Adam and Jessie Intlekofer. It used to be a dried whey business in the past. Jessie owns and operates A.J. Pickens.

The basis of her business is simple: The items have been “picked just for you,” the customer. As the slogan goes, Jessie resells collectibles, antiques, refurbished items and treasures she finds at sales and auctions.

She said she wanted to start her own shop because she quickly ran out of room at home to store all of the items she was finding and picking up on her travels to various auctions around the area.

A.J. Pickens (which stands for Adam and Jessie) opened in mid-November of 2012.

Jessie describes her inventory as “old and new shabby antiques.” Just looking around the shop, you can see that she has great taste in what she resells. Not only does she visit auctions that are held in the area, she also gets her items from picking people’s homes and wholesalers. She also attended the auction for South Main Events when owner Pam Foley closed the business. South Main used to be Weekend Antiques, also owned by Foley, and full of one-of-a-kind treasures.

“A lot of what I sell are things I like and things I know others will like,” said Jessie.

By frequenting the popular website Pinterest, Jessie said she gets ideas for refurbishing what was old into new again.

“I sell old treasures and new items,” she said.

When pricing items, Jessie said she wanted to cover her initial costs at first.

“I try not to mark things up by any means,” she said. “I want to keep these treasures going.”

One thing unique to A.J. Pickens is the fact that Jessie does not sell the same thing twice. Everything she picks is one of a kind, never multiple items. That is what makes her inventory so exclusive.

Living with her husband and children in Monticello and working at a bank in Cascade, Jessie said her time is valuable. She works at A.J. Pickens, along with the help of her mother, on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. She said she could also be available by appointment if needed.

“I hope to grow the inventory inside my store in the future,” she said. As she spends more time picking, she wants to expand her inventory.

So far, A.J. Pickens has been steady with customers coming in to see what she has to offer.

“I thought a shop like this was needed in town,” Jessie said, with several stores closing in the Monticello and Cascade area.

A.J. Pickens is located at 201 W. 11th St. north of town. Jessie can be reached at 319-480-2036. A.J. Pickens is also on Facebook. Check out the page for updates on items coming into the store.