Who is your top NFL gunslinger?

Posted January 31, 2013 at 3:41 pm


Let’s play a game of what if. What if you were an NFL general manager and the NFL decided to make every QB in the league a free agent? Which one would you draft first? Would you go for a seasoned veteran or an upstart rookie? Maybe you would pick some team’s backup.

Are you looking for a pro style quarterback like Peyton Manning or a guy that can use his legs like RG3? Well today is your lucky day. NFL Commissioner Robert Goodell just passed a new rule declaring all NFL QB’s free agents.

I just happen to have the very first pick. Actually I have every pick so here is my draft order of current NFL QBs.

1. Aaron Rodgers. In my mind he’s the best one out there, accurate and mobile. 2. Peyton Manning. Like his experience. 3. Drew Brees. Excellent passer and all around great guy. 4. Joe Flacco. Throws a great long ball. 5. Matt Ryan. All he does is win, except in the playoffs. 6. Tom Brady. Yuck. 7. Robert Griffin III. As long as he stays healthy. 8. Andrew Luck. The future! 9. Eli Manning. Yuck #2. 10. Phillip Rivers. Still has a few wins left in his arm. 11. Matt Schaub. Another lively arm. 12. Ben Roethlisberger. He’s got Super Bowl rings but getting older. 13. Russell Wilson. Another mobile guy. 14. Colin Kaepernick. Blessed with a strong arm and quick feet. 15. Tony Romo. He may need a change of scenery. 16. Alex Smith. 49ers backup will make someone a good QB. 17. Andy Daulton. 18. Christian Ponder. Should only get better. 19. Jay Cutler. Toughest pouter available. 20. Matthew Stafford. Good upside. 21. Kevin Kolb. 22. Cam Newton. 23. Michael Vick. Should he be higher? 24. Ryan Fitzpatrick. A sleeper? 25. Matt Flynn, Seattle’s back up is probably better than 17-24. 26. Kevin Kolb. 27. Ryan Tannehill. 28. Sam Bradford. 29. Josh Freeman. Another big dude. 30. Mark Sanchez. Could be higher with the right team. 31. Matt Hasselback. 32. Brandon Weedon. Unproven.

So with two backups moving into the fray, that means two guys are no longer starting and those two guys would be Blaine Gabbert and Brady Quinn. Now that my draft is complete, the next obstacle is signing all these guys.