Successful Chamber Banquet thanks to YOU

Posted February 6, 2013 at 12:42 pm

BABBLING BROOKS column–Express Editor Kim Brooks

Chamber Banquet fun

Volunteering can be a tiresome, demanding “job.”

Every community is in need of volunteers. There are numerous civic organizations and events throughout the year here in Monticello that would not be possible without the help of so many community volunteers.

With that said, as a member of the Monticello Area Chamber of Commerce, it takes more than just our small board to make the annual banquet and silent auction possible each year. There’s planning, planning and more planning, and even then, all that planning doesn’t help when you’re faced with a winter storm and Mother Nature.

When I stepped outside my apartment Wednesday morning, my first thought was, “We’re going to have to cancel the Chamber Banquet!”

After just a couple of hours, I received word that the banquet would not be canceled and that Dan Gable was coming! Now, if Gable could risk it by driving here from Iowa City where he lives, I figured people in Monticello could certainly make the banquet.

The plan was in motion!

While two of our Chamber Board members from out of town could not make it to work that day due to the snowfall and wind conditions, the rest of us and our Chamber Director pulled it off. Thanks to so many others who assisted as well.

But the banquet would not have been successful had so many people not attended due to the weather!

As people started filing into the youth center, I was pleasantly surprised by the flow of locals! To be honest, at one point, I was worried whether we would have enough pork chops and baked potatoes for everyone. It was great to see so many local wrestlers attend to hear Dan Gable speak, as well. He had a powerful message!

It wasn’t just attending that made the banquet a success, but people bidding on donated silent auction items, courtesy of our local Monticello businesses. I know I’ll enjoy my pool pass to AmericInn as temps outside sit at 20 degrees with snow on the ground! I’ll just imagine I’m in sunny, warm Florida!

Like the GJCF, the stakes are now set high to see who the Chamber can bring in next year as our guest speaker. Things can only get better from here, right?

Super commercials

I love the Super Bowl! I mean the commercials are quite entertaining. (I don’t get into the game at all.) And with the exception of last year and this year’s half time entertainment (Madonna and Beyonce), the show tends to impress.

The morning after the Super Bowl, national news media conglomerates are all over the commercials. They’re ranking the worst, the best and the in-between.

If you were following Twitter or Facebook at all during the game, everyone was commenting on the commercials and half time show, and, occasionally, the game itself.

For me, the commercials really didn’t blow me away this year. There were a few I was pleased with: Samsung featuring actors Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd, Dodge truck praising America’s farmers, Doritos with the hungry and angry goat, Hyundai about young boys coming together to form their own local football team and the ever-hilarious talking E-Trade baby.

Time wise, while the Super Bowl budgets for so many multi-million commercials each year, I think the unexpected power outage threw execs for a loop. Cutting to commercials more often than ever during the precise 34-minute power snafu, CBS aired plenty of local ads as well as too many “CBS is number one” spots. We get it, you’re only claim to fame is airing the Super Bowl!

While I don’t get into the game itself, it was rather cool to see a local boy on the field, Anamosa’s Marshal Yanda. I think many in this area were rooting for the Ravens to win, just for the sake of Yanda.