Hard work for McQuillen pays off

Posted February 15, 2013 at 2:40 pm


How many times have we been told that hard work pays off? I know I’ve heard it from various coaches, bosses and teachers that I have encountered. And I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve used it as a coach or father.

Logan McQuillen may just be the poster boy for hard work. Engage any of his coaches in a conversation and you will hear how hard of a worker he is as well as how coachable a kid he his.

I’ve coached Logan in both baseball and in pee wee wrestling and I can attest to both of the qualities I mentioned above. He’s been working his butt off in the wrestling room since he was a young grappler. I never saw him take his workouts lightly or slack off when he thought the coaches might not be looking his way.

And for the short time I had him as a freshman and sophomore in baseball he hustled his butt off as well. And he took everything you told him and ran with it, so to speak.

Well that hard work has paid off for Logan this wrestling season as he makes his way to the Iowa High School State Wrestling Meet.

Logan qualified for state at 160 pounds by winning a district championship this past Saturday. He ventures into the state tournament with a 39-5 record.

If there is one kid out there, in my opinion, that deserves a shot at a state championship, it’s Logan. He’s come so close to making it to Des Moines the past two seasons. I’m guessing he put even more effort into his workouts to get there this year!

Best of luck Logan, I hope to see you on the awards stand!