Table For One opens its doors in Monticello

Posted March 13, 2013 at 12:00 pm

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PHOTO: This couple’s massage room at Table For One in Monticello is perfect for a husband and wife or mom and daughter massage day. Table For One provides relaxing massage opportunities for everyone. (Photos by Kim Brooks)

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PHOTO: Table For One business partners Amy McCall (seated) and Melita Barva decided to open a massage and skin therapy business in Monticello, located next to Subway. Table For One provides a wide variety of massage specials and sells skin and healthcare products as well in their boutique.


By Kim Brooks, Express Editor

Table For One opened its doors in Monticello on Feb. 7, and business has been steady ever since.

Offering a variety of massage services, skin therapy products, a spa experience and the new Bird and Butterfly Boutique, just one visit at Table For One is not enough.

Located next to Subway at 315 S. Main St., Table For One was a concept that came together rather quickly. Co-owners and business partners Amy McCall and Melita Barva took on the remodel project, and within a month, the business was up and running.

“It just felt natural to open here,” said McCall. “It was a natural progression.”

Barva, who owns Table For One in Cedar Rapids, worked with McCall to remodel and decorate her spa’s new location. After a successful project, it didn’t take long for the two to decide to expand and open Table For One in Monticello. McCall said the space became available after State Farm moved out. The sale closed on Jan. 2, and work began right away. Walking into Table For One, it’s hard to imagine just what the space looked like before. It is a complete transformation!

McCall said “major reconstruction” was needed to transform the building into Table For One. Windows were filled in for complete walls, doorways were added, new flooring was installed, all new electrical and plumbing work was done for the kitchen and bathroom areas. McCall said solid doors were installed to keep noise out of the spa rooms.

“Like magic, it all came together,” said McCall of the work that went into preparing Table For One for its opening day. “Everyone made it happen.”

After working on the remodel at Table For One in Cedar Rapids, Barva said this project was easier to tackle, having done it once already.

“It helped make this project flow better,” she said.

In bringing this business to Monticello, McCall said, “We wanted to fill a need in Jones County.”

Barva added that she has had quite a few clients from this area driving to Cedar Rapids over the years for her services.

“People in this area wanted us closer to home,” said Barva.

Working well together, Barva and McCall designed the layout and decorating scheme for the spa, wanting to offer that welcoming, relaxing atmosphere.

“It’s a spin-off of the Cedar Rapids atmosphere,” said Barva. “Same color scheme.”

The blue silver and chocolate color combinations brighten the lobby area, while the individual spa and massage rooms have darker tones.

“It’s that southern charm,” McCall said of her background.

Table For One has a full menu of services they offer for individuals and couples (husband and wife, best friends, sisters, etc.).

“Our services are the driving force behind the business,” explained Barva.

They offer a nice neck and shoulder massage up to a full body massage. Other specialties include a hot stone massage to help restore circulation and prenatal massages for moms-to-be to help relax muscle tension and discomfort.

Each experience is catered to the client’s personal needs and preferences. There are also other specials available such as a Cedar Infrared Sauna treatment and body treatments (wraps and exfoliations).

To make the experience extra special, you can request desserts, lite hors d’oeuvres and a glass of bubbly as well.

“We have a lot of tricks in our bag,” said Barva of their wide array of services and specials. “We offer something to fit everyone’s needs.”

“We cater to all of your senses,” said McCall of the full spa experience.

With all of their licensed massage therapists, Barva said they pay attention to detail and “have a true heart for others.

“It’s not a job when you’re doing what you love,” she said of the profession. “We create a peaceful, harmonizing atmosphere for our clients.”

In selecting the product lines they wanted to offer as part of the Bird and Butterfly Boutique, McCall described them as “unique, whimsical giftware items.

“We were very selective about our product lines,” McCall said.

Barva said Table For One is one of the first businesses in Iowa to take on some of the product lines they sell. “They’re new and fresh,” she said.

Overall, McCall and Barva want people to step into their business and feel welcome. “It’s a retreat for people,” McCall said. “They can forget their cares and come in and just relax.”

Down the road, Barva said they are considering additions to their menu offerings per client requests.

“We’re both really pleased to be in Monticello and be part of the wave of new business here,” expressed Barva.

Table For One is open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call 319-844-1079 to schedule your appointment. You can stop in any time to check out their products as well.

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PHOTO: As you walk into Table For One, you can browse their selection of skin care products. Their Bird and Butterfly Boutique includes spa products to take home and extend your spa experience. Their selections also make great gifts.