What a busy week!

Posted March 21, 2013 at 11:30 am

BABBLING BROOKS column–Express Editor Kim Brooks

I’m sick and tired of winter! I’m sick and tired of snow!

Growing up in Arizona, I can barely remember warm temperatures after living in Iowa for so long!

I think everyone is fed up with winter already! Spring technically begins this week, March 21, but Mother Nature must not be in “the know,” preferring to dump more snow on Iowa days before…

With snow and freezing temperatures come accidents. Already Monday morning (we were at work for maybe 15 minutes), the scanner went off with a three-vehicle accident on Highway 151, south of Monticello.

Not knowing how treacherous it was, with Pete Temple at the helm, we ventured out for some pictures of the scene. I would have hated to be behind the accident, with traffic backed up for quite a ways.

This was the second accident in just a few days in the area. Last Wednesday, there was a pretty bad accident along Amber Road, also south of town. That was the third major accident I have covered in my four years at the Express where AirCare landed at the scene to transport someone to Iowa City. You always hate to see that happen…

That accident was just one of many things that popped up last week that was not expected. It was a very busy week here at the Express, to say the least! The newspaper aside, we’ve been working on the Monticello Guidebook, which is published every two years. That, in itself, is a full-time job. We work ahead; yet always seem to fall back.

Last week’s list also included stories that came up that I was not expecting. It’s always a great sign when story ideas fall in our lap. Sen. Tod Bowman made a visit to JRMC on Friday. After a morning spent at the hospital, literally, I had a lengthy list of scheduled items I needed to cross off my list!

Pete Temple and I work well together. If I am booked solid with multiple events in one day, like this week, he’s willing and able to assist, and it goes both ways.

On Wednesday evening I had four separate scheduled events on my calendar, two of which I had to say “no” to, with work obligations coming first. I hit the Jones County Youth Development Center for an event sponsored by the Coalition, and Pete went to the Berndes Center for the Relay For Life kick-off event, both held at the same time.

Friday, I was also booked solid with Sen. Bowman’s visit and pictures I scheduled to take at Carpenter Elementary School, both, again at the same time. No fault of anyone else’s, Pete came to rescue yet again!

The life of a local/hometown newspaper reporter is never dull, just BUSY at times. It’s safe to say my few days off at the end of the month are looking more and more enticing!