Fireworks and the fire department

Posted April 3, 2013 at 12:35 pm


The Fourth of July festivities are a few months away and hopefully we have warmer weather by then. I thought it might be a good time to let the public know what’s going on with this year’s event.

Again this year the Monticello Fire Department has agreed to sponsor the fireworks. The event will be similar to last year. We have hired a band from the Chicago area, decided the date, which will be Friday, July 5, and are working on getting the fireworks ordered.

The Chamber of Commerce will be in charge of beverage sales and you will probably see a food vendor or two. The band will once again be playing on the Great Jones County Fair stage so that of course means the festivities will take place at the fairgrounds.

Last year we charged for the band and fireworks by selling tickets in advance and by charging at the gate. This year the event will be free to everyone. The fire department had a special fundraiser back in December when we inserted an envelope in the Monticello Express and Shoppers’ Guide seeking donations to help offset the cost of the band and fireworks.

The response was very good and we are thankful for the many people and businesses that stepped forward to help keep this tradition alive in our great community.

We aren’t quite where we need to be in terms of money raised so if anyone would still like to donate to this cause, checks can be sent to: Monticello Fire Department, PO Box 68, Monticello, Iowa 52310.

If we do end up raising more funds then we need for this year, we will simply apply them towards the event for the following year.

Sports injuries. In case you were not watching the Louisville-Duke game on Sunday, you were fortunate enough not to see one of the most gruesome injuries to ever be seen on live television.

Louisville player Kevin Ware landed on his right leg and it literally snapped in half. Without being too graphic, it was a devastating injury that really affected players from both teams, the fans and many others.

As far as sports injuries go, I would rank it right up there with Joe Theismann’s leg injury, but even more devastating.

If you are thinking of looking at the video on the Internet, I strongly recommend you do not.