Mother-daughter business owners make Hollow Tree unique

Posted April 17, 2013 at 11:25 am

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PHOTO: Mother-daughter duo Deb Kleitsch and Shannon Frasher own and operate Hollow Tree, on the Kleitsch family farm. Their business offers gifts and floral arrangements for any occasion.

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PHOTO: Mother-daughter duo Deb Kleitsch and Shannon Frasher own and operate Hollow Tree, on the Kleitsch family farm. Their business offers gifts and floral arrangements for any occasion.


By Kim Brooks, Express Editor

Mother and daughter Deb Kleitsch and Shannon Frasher make a pretty good team. Owners of Hollow Tree, located between Monticello and Cascade along Valley Road, the two bring their own strengths to the business.

Frasher has an educational background in horticulture. She’s worked at several florist shops in the area over the years before deciding to branch off on her own.

Kleitsch has always wanted to be in retail, having taken her goods to craft shows and vendor fairs in the past. The two have displayed their home décor items and flowers at businesses in Delaware County. Now, they work from home.

Hollow Tree is located on the Kleitsch farm. Two years ago, when they knew they wanted to work locally, an extended garage was added onto the Kleitsch home to allow for their business space.

“It’s always been a love of mine to do this,” boasted Kleitsch. She said as they added more and more products to their business, it became apparent they needed space to grow. “The plan was to always have our own space some day.”

The name “Hollow Tree” is quite literal. Where the business sits, a giant tree was taken down to allow for additional garage space. The tree had been on the Kleitsch property for years. When they were cutting it down, Kleitsch said they noticed the trunk was hollow, hence the name.

Hollow Tree specializes in fresh and silk flowers, gift items and home décor. Depending on the seasons, they sell holiday décor items as well.

“We wanted to make this business unique and fulfill our dream,” said Frasher.

Working from home allows both Frasher and Kleitsch to have flexible schedules. Frasher said when it comes to fresh flowers, she is just a phone call away.

“I like working from here,” she said. “I’m available on weekends.”

Certain times of the year are busier than others for the florist business. Frasher’s done multiple weddings, funerals and is excited for prom season, which is just around the corner.

“Kids really enjoy coming out here,” she said.

Frasher also delivers flowers to churches and funeral homes, catering to her customers’ needs.

“I want to go the extra mile for customers,” she said.

In arranging flowers and making bouquets and boutonnieres, Frasher feels she brings a young perspective to the business.

“I like doing something new for people for weddings and prom,” she said. “If there’s a flower you want, I’ll get it for you.”

Both mother and daughter attend numerous shows and go to markets across Iowa to find the right merchandise and products to sell at their business. They use their own ideas and perspective on what they think would sell.

“Everything we sell is all new merchandise,” said Kleitsch. “We try to accommodate different interests.”

Taking a look around their shop, there are gift items for memorials and decorations for anyone’s taste for the kitchen and family rooms and themed items such as pink ribbon décor for breast cancer awareness.

“It’s a unique experience here,” described Frasher. “We want people to come out here and see what we’re all about!”

In addition to their merchandise, Frasher said she also offers potted plant options to customers. She will come to their home and plant flowers and plants for bedding arrangements.

“Our business is definitely going in the right direction,” said Kleitsch. “Through word of mouth, people know we’re here.”

Frasher said she enjoys meeting people who stop by and shop.

“I feel like we’re fulfilling their shopping needs. They like what we have to offer.”

During the holidays, look for Hollow Tree’s special open house dates for their spring, fall and Christmas items.

Hollow Tree is located at 23704 Valley Road, right off Highway 151 north of Monticello. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday. Call 319-465-3926 for your floral needs.