NFL draft central

Posted May 1, 2013 at 10:42 am


The 2013 NFL draft concluded this weekend and as usual I was on the edge of my seat waiting in anticipation to see who the Packers would draft this year.

I love the NFL draft and especially enjoy it starting on Thursday night as opposed to early Saturday, the way it used to operate. It seemed like most Saturdays something would be going on that made me miss the draft.

Green Bay had the 26th pick and as many stellar players were coming off the board, when it was about their turn to make a selection, I texted a fellow Packer buddy of mine to make a prediction.

He threw out the name Sharrif Floyd, a DT from Florida. I threw out Tyler Eifert, a TE from Notre Dame. We were both wrong but he correctly guessed a defensive lineman. Floyd went #23 to the Vikings and Eifert went #21 to Cincinnati.

The Packers’ first selection was DE Datone Jones from UCLA, a great pick from what the experts are saying. Green Bay needed to address the defense as well as their running back situation.

In the second round the Packers made a trade with San Francisco, dropping them down six positions, a trade I didn’t understand at the time.

With the 61st pick they selected a much-needed RB, Eddie Lacy from Alabama, another solid pick. Many had him listed as the top running back available in this year’s draft.

Green Bay continued the draft by taking two offensive tackles, another RB from UCLA, former Hawkeye CB Micah Hyde, another DE and then a LB, two WR’s and ended with another LB.

All in all, this was a solid draft class and it addressed the needs of Green Bay.

This was a bit of an odd draft and the emphasis was on offensive and defensive linemen. Four OL were taken amongst the first 10 picks. There were no running backs selected in the first round, the first time that has happened since like 1969.

Also, only one QB was taken in round one, E.J. Manuel, with the 16th pick by the Bills. And only three WR’s were selected in the first round as well. This was definitely a defense strong draft.

I probably need to mention Mr. Irrelevant, the last pick in the draft. That honor went to Justice Cunningham, a TE out of South Carolina who went to the Colts with pick 254.