Monticello Nursing & Rehab welcomes new administrator

Posted May 14, 2013 at 12:53 pm

casy kann-color.jpg

PHOTO: Casey Kann is the new administrator at Monticello Nursing & Rehabilitation Campus. Kann said she is looking forward to getting to know the community, the residents and staff. (Photo by Kim Brooks)


By Kim Brooks, Express Editor

There’s a new face at the Monticello Nursing & Rehabilitation Campus. Casey Kann is the new administrator, replacing Dave Chensvold.

Kann officially started the job on Monday, April 29.

She’s been involved in the healthcare industry for 17 years now. Kann started as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and worked her way up the ladder.

She headed back to school, taking on pre-law and healthcare administration. In her professional career, Kann chose to focus more on healthcare, wanting to make a difference in people’s lives.

She worked in care centers in both Iowa City and Grundy Center before landing the job here in Monticello. She’s been a healthcare administrator for five and a half years now.

Living in Ryan with her husband and five children, with twins on the way, Kann said the drive to Monticello will be shorter than driving to Iowa City every day.

“I wasn’t really looking for a new job at all,” Kann said. A friend told her about the opening at Monticello Nursing & Rehabilitation Campus, telling her it was an opportunity closer to home.

“Looking never hurt,” said Kann.

She said the healthcare field interested her to begin with because of “the ability to help people.

“I love my patients,” Kann said.

She commented that between the residents and staff at Monticello Nursing & Rehabilitation Campus, there’s an equal balance.

“I have a passion for taking care of people in general,” she said. As visitors were coming into the Campus, Kann took the time to speak with them, welcome them to Monticello and introduce herself as the new administrator.

Kann is no stranger to the Monticello area. Like many, she’s attended the Great Jones County Fair in previous years. Her children have also been in town for sporting events.

“It’s nice here and closer to home,” she said. “And I can do what I love.”

Kann said Monticello Nursing & Rehabilitation Campus is “a great asset to the community.” She hopes to engage the community and make them aware of all Monticello Nursing & Rehabilitation Campus has to offer. Many local groups and organizations take the time to visit the campus and the residents: Camp Fire, the dance team, local musicians and even the library director.

“There’s a lot of potential out here,” Kann said, alluding to future growth of the community.

Kann has only been at the job for two weeks, but said she likes the small town feel of Monticello, something she’s used to raising her family in Ryan.

“You get the best of both worlds here,” she said of the friendly people and businesses.

Kann wants people to know that the Monticello Nursing & Rehabilitation Campus is a place where patients come to “improve and get better.

“People live and thrive here,” she said. “Life doesn’t just stop because people move to the campus.”

For now, Kann is just trying to get to know the residents and staff and get a feel for her new role within the Monticello community.

“We have a lot of good support here,” she noted.

Monticello Nursing & Rehabilitation Campus is run by Health Care of Iowa.