District dominance: Panthers load up for State

Posted May 15, 2013 at 11:04 am

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By Pete Temple, Express Sports Editor

You couldn’t ask for a stronger lineup heading to the State Boys Track and Field Meet than what the Monticello Panthers will ship to Des Moines this week.

Monticello dominated the Class 2A district meet, held Thursday, May 9 at Dean Nelson Field, coming away with 17 overall entries in 11 events headed to State, to go along with a team championship.

In six events, the Panthers are sending two qualifiers. Also in six events, Monticello heads to the State with the top-seeded time or distance.

“Our momentum since Drake just keeps going,” Monticello head coach Greg Williams said. “We haven’t lost a meet since. This will be the most guys we have taken down to the state meet.”

Double qualifiers include Michael Melchert and J.J. Frawley in both the 3,200- and 1,600-meter runs, Ben Ahlrichs and Dallas Lumpa in the 800, Brian Turnis and Logan McQuillen in the 400 hurdles, Devonte Merrill and Isaac Holtz in the discus, and Daniel Pike and Holtz in the shot put.

In addition, the Panthers qualified Cody Jamison in the high jump (with a school record leap of 6-foot-6.25), Craig Welter in the 400, and three relay teams: the 4×400, 4×800 and 1,600 medley.

Heading to State with the best qualifying time or distance in Class 2A are Ahlrichs in the 800, Melchert in the 1,600, Turnis in the 400 hurdles, Merrill in the discus, and the 4×400 and 4×800 relays.

“This team epitomizes what happens when talent is willing to work to be the best,” Williams said.

With such a balanced and talented team, arranging the lineup to best position the Panthers for State was a challenge of its own.

“I had to figure in what we wanted to run and score in at the state meet, time between races, and who was going to run them,” assistant coach Donnie Kremer said. “Certain people would not be able to run an event, so I had to find alternates that would do the job and get that event to State.”

The meet had its quirks, particularly with the weather. It rained off and on throughout the meet, which at one point experienced a long delay to allow a heavy storm to pass through.

“I thought our guys responded very well for the conditions,” Kremer said. “We ran extremely well all night, and even after the delay and change in temperature.”

Monticello has high hopes of adding a third state championship trophy during the state meet, set for May 16-18 at Drake Stadium in Des Moines.

“A lot of things can happen once you are down there,” Kremer said. “If we run to our capability, we should be in the running for a state championship.”

Tri-Rivers Conference Meet

Prior to the district meet, the Panthers won 10 events and breezed to the title in Tri-Rivers Conference Meet. The event was originally scheduled for May 2, and then postponed to May 6 in Edgewood.

It was the final Tri-Rivers Conference meet for the Panthers, who will join the new River Valley Conference in the fall. Monticello took advantage, winning nine events and taking second place in nine others.

“It was a total team effort,” Williams said. “Our field events really came through, scoring 52 points.”

May 6

Tri-Rivers Conf. Meet

(at Ed-Co)


1, Monticello 185; 2, Cascade 111; 3, East Buchanan 61; 4, North-Linn 47; 5, Starmont 41; 6, Springville 36; 7, Alburnett 30; 8, Maquoketa Valley 29; 9, Edgewood-Colesburg 17; 10, Central City 1.


200: 5, Anthony Guyer, 24.35.

400: 2, Brian Turnis, 51.24; 3, Dallas Lumpa, 51.38.

800: 1, J.J. Frawley, 2:04.37; 2, Craig Welter, 2:05.57.

1,600: 1, J.J. Frawley, 4:36.65; 2, Ben Ahlrichs, 4:37.27.

3,200: 1 (tie), J.J. Frawley, 10:24.76 and Michael Melchert, 10:24.76.

110 hurdles: 5, Logan McQuillen, 17.35.

400 hurdles: 1, Brian Turnis, 56.09; 2, Logan McQuillen, 57.36.

4×100: 4, Monticello (Trent Aitchison, Anthony Guyer, Chris Tjaden, Tanner Felton), 46.00.

4×200: 2, Monticello (Chris Tjaden, Michael Melchert, Anthony Guyer, Tanner Felton), 1:35.41.

4×400: 1, Monticello (Brian Turnis, Michael Melchert, Dallas Lumpa, Ben Ahlrichs), 3:25.60.

4×800: 1, Monticello (Craig Welter, Tiler Streets, Dallas Lumpa, Nick Meyers), 8:19.20.

1,600 medley: 1, Monticello (Trent Aitchison, Tanner Felton, Michael Melchert, Nick Meyers), 3:42.58.

High jump: 1, Cody Jamison, 6-6; 2, Garrett Rieniets, 5-10.

Long jump: 4, Cody Jamison, 19-0.75.

Shot put: 2, Isaac Holtz, 51-6; 3, Daniel Pike, 48-2.75.

Discus: 1, Devonte Merrill, 168-10; 2, Isaac Holtz, 161-9.

May 9

Class 2A District Meet

(at Monticello)


1, Monticello 161; 2, Cascade 103; 3, Dyersville Beckman 102; 4, Dike-New Hartford 89; 5, Mount Vernon 63; 6, Bellevue 38; 7, Hudson 37; 8, Clayton Ridge 28; 9, Denver 25; 10 (tie), MFL MarMac 21 and Alburnett 21; 12, Waterloo Columbus 10.


(state qualifiers in bold)

200: 5, Trent Aitchison, 24.64.

400: 5, Craig Welter, 52.88; 6, Tiler Streets, 53.40.

800: 1, Ben Ahlrichs, 1:59.07; 2, Dallas Lumpa, 1:59.96.

1,600: 1, Michael Melchert, 4:28.69; 2, J.J. Frawley, 4:29.34.

3,200: 1, Michael Melchert, 9:57.04; 2, J.J. Frawley, 9:57.43.

400 hurdles: 1, Brian Turnis, 54.73; 4, Logan McQuillen, 56.98.

4×100: 5, Monticello (Chris Tjaden, Tanner Felton, Tyler Johnson, Anthony Guyer), 46.08.

4×200: 4, Monticello (Chris Tjaden, Anthony Guyer, Tyler Johnson, Tanner Felton), 1:36.85.

4×400: 2, Monticello (Brian Turnis, Michael Melchert, J.J. Frawley, Ben Ahlrichs), 3:28.41.

4×800: 1, Monticello (Brian Turnis, Nick Meyers, Ben Ahlrichs, Dallas Lumpa), 7:59.01.

1,600 medley: 1, Monticello (Chris Tjaden, Anthony Guyer, Dallas Lumpa, Michael Melchert), 3:39.87.

High jump: 1, Cody Jamison, 6-6.25; 4, Garrett Rieniets, 5-8.

Shot put: 3, Daniel Pike, 48-11; 4, Isaac Holtz, 48-6.

Discus: 1, Devonte Merrill, 167-6; 2, Isaac Holtz, 160-3.

PHOTO: Michael Melchert (front) and J.J. Frawley match strides in the 3,200-meter run at the district meet May 9 in Monticello. (Photo by Pete Temple)