Council approves 2 percent increases for city staff

Posted June 5, 2013 at 9:31 am

City Council

By Kim Brooks, Express Editor

The Monticello City Council’s first resolution on the agenda at the June 3 regular meeting was to approve fiscal year 2013 non-bargaining wages for city employees, excluding the library staff (approved separately).

The resolution presented to the Council and requested by the staff provides for a 2 percent wage increase for the following positions: City Clerk, Public Works Director, Police Department Secretary/Local Access Coordinator, Parks and Recreation Director, Airport Manager and Part-time Maintenance Employee.

City Administrator Doug Herman presented both 2 percent wage increase figures and 50-cent an hour wage increase figures so the Council had something to compare. In some cases the 2 percent increase is higher than the 50-cent increase, while for others it’s lower.

Council member Dave Goedken asked whether the wage increases were being applied for the cost of living or based on employee performance.

Herman noted that standard city practice in the past is that the percentage is consistent with the cost of living increases.

Council member Goedken made the motion to approve a 2 percent wage increase for two years’ time, effective July 1, 2013. Council member Chris Lux seconded the motion. The resolution passed by a vote of 4-1, with Council member Bill Meyer opposing. Council member Rory Mesecher was absent from the meeting.

The 2 percent increases for the non-bargaining city employees comes to the following:

City Clerk – $1,132.12

Public Works Director – $1,146.38

Police Department Secretary/Local Access Coordinator – $700.13

Parks and Rec Director – $781.05

Airport Manager – $426.00

Part-time Maintenance Employee – $270.60

After the last Council meeting on May 20, the Council, Herman and Public Works Director Diz Edwards, along with City Engineer Patrick Schwickerath toured the city to look at possible street repair projects for the next year.

At the recent Council meeting, Herman noted many of the highlighted areas in Monticello that the Council wanted to see repaired. The next step is to geographically group certain projects together for bid packages.

Goedken asked that the bids stipulate the ability to defer some projects into the following year should there not be time to complete the entire list.

It was also noted that there are quite a bit of sidewalks throughout the city that are in poor condition. Herman asked whether the city should ask residents to maintain their sidewalks or not. Goedken said with so many people walking along the streets in town, it might not be a major issue.

The Council also acknowledged the wages for the library staff and library director, set out and approved by the Library Board in January. The staff was approved for 50-cent and hour pay increases, with the new director’s salary set at $33,000.