Hahn takes on director role for Ambulance Service

Posted June 5, 2013 at 9:38 am

brain hahn-color.jpg

Brian Hahn was hired as the new Monticello Ambulance Service Director. Hahn was a volunteer for the Monticello service in 2010, so he’s familiar with the area. After just two weeks on the job, Hahn is looking forward to serving the Monticello community. (Photo by Kim Brooks)


By Kim Brooks, Express Editor

Brian Hahn has only been at his new post for a couple of weeks now, but the job is nothing new to him.

Hahn was hired by the city as the new Monticello Ambulance Service director, replacing Tim Malchow who resigned in February to seek employment elsewhere.

Hahn is no stranger to the Monticello Ambulance Service. He’s been a volunteer here since 2010. He worked here previously in 2005 for a short time as well.

“This job is what I’ve strived for in my career,” said Hahn of being hired as director. “I didn’t want to move out of the area for work.”

Hahn grew up in Anamosa and has worked for Area Ambulance Service in Cedar Rapids since 2004, driving back and forth.

“The commute to Cedar Rapids got old,” said Hahn of the daily drive to and from work.

As a private emergency service, Hahn said of Cedar Rapids’ service, “They function a lot like how Monticello’s service does.”

His educational background includes an associate degree for paramedic specialist from Kirkwood Community College. At 17 years of age, Hahn acquired his EMS certification in Anamosa. He volunteered there since 2004.

“I bring 20 years of experience in the field to this area,” Hahn noted of his professional and educational background.

While in Cedar Rapids, Hahn said everyone worked shifts, so the call volume for one shift would be similar to Monticello.

“We definitely had more diverse calls in Cedar Rapids than you’ll find here,” he noted. “You have more of an elderly population here. You don’t have the violent calls like in Cedar Rapids.”

As the Ambulance Service director, Hahn is responsible for the day-to-day duties in the office. One major project he just completed was rewriting and updating the protocol book for Monticello, which are based on the state’s protocols when responding to an incident.

In the near future, Hahn plans to get specs on purchasing a new ambulance for the department.

He also works on the staff and volunteer work schedules and runs to calls himself when on duty. He’s in charge of five full-time staff, three part-time paramedics and 20 or so volunteers.

“We have some very dedicated volunteers,” Hahn said in praising the community. “You’re fortunate here to have so many extra hands if needed.”

The department sent out donation letters recently. With the funds that come from that drive, Hahn said the idea is purchase two new manual CPR devices, known as LUCAS CPR devices. Hahn explained these machines can perform CPR on a patient more consistently than the average person.

“You get tired and worn out after so long,” he said of doing CPR on a patient in distress. “These machines are pretty common with EMS departments, but they’re fairly expensive.”

Hahn has been to a few City Council meetings and knows the area well from his volunteer service in the past.

“This city is very supportive of the emergency departments,” he noted of the city’s support of the MPD, MFD and ambulance service. “This department has great equipment and great personnel to work with.”

Hahn said the staff and volunteers all bring a lot of years of experience to the department.

“We have a very experienced group of medics,” he said. “You have a great service here and with a good reputation in the area as EMS providers.”

Hahn said when paramedics finish their schooling, he hears of inquiries as to whether Monticello is hiring or not.

“It’s a good service to work for,” he said. “Everyone looks out for the best interest of the patient.”