Ponder becomes KGAN ‘Weather Rookie’ for a day

Posted June 19, 2013 at 8:02 am

dylan ponder-b&w.jpg

Eight-year-old Dylan Ponder stands with KGAN meteorologist Justin Roberts to help give the weather forecast last week as the KGAN Weather Rookie. (Photo from www.kgan.com)


By Emily Burds, Express Intern

Dylan Ponder, 8 years old, loves science amongst other things. And when his mother, Robyn heard from a cousin who works for KGAN about their weather rookie program she signed Dylan up.

“We hadn’t heard about it before I saw it on my cousin’s Facebook,” Robyn, a teacher at Carpenter, explained. So last Wednesday morning, Robyn and Dylan along with brother Ethan, 7, traveled to Broadcast Park in Cedar Rapids where the KGAN studios are housed. After getting a tour of the studios and learning where the thousands of wires throughout the building are, they threw Dylan right into the 6:30 a.m. newscast.

“I thought they would show him what he was doing a little but they came and got us about five minutes before and off they went,” Robyn said.

Despite some possible stage jitters, Dylan’s weathercast with Justin Roberts went smoothly. Dylan got to work with the green screen and see himself on the monitors, which Dylan said was one of the best parts of it. He predicted a beautiful seven-day forecast and almost got run over by the impending weather cell that was to roll into the area that evening.

“Justin Roberts is really funny too,” Dylan said of his partner in crime that day. Roberts helped Dylan create his own personal seven-day forecast before going on where Roberts opened his segment with “Good morning, good morning, and a rainy morning to some of you,” which Dylan got a kick out of.

Once Dylan finished his segment, the entire news team presented him with a certificate for being such a good “Weather Rookie” that now sits framed in his room.

Dylan, who will be in third grade this fall, said he has always been interested in the weather but didn’t know a lot before being a “Weather Rookie”. He said he would do it again and would tell kids to do it if they can, which is his younger brother Ethan’s plan, who got to watch Dylan do his weathercast from behind the cameras.

Now that summer is in full swing, Dylan said he would be spending his days reading with the Summer Reading Program, playing games and going to the pool with his brother and friends.