Community support only adds to Monticello’s success

Posted June 19, 2013 at 8:04 am

Become a Relay for Lifer today

If you’ve ever attended the Jones County Relay for Life you know what a worthwhile event it truly is!

A couple weeks ago I attended my third Relay for Life in Monticello. When I was younger, my family attended the Relay for Life in both Delaware County and Dyersville. Many families make this celebration of life and dedication to loved ones an annual event.

Last week, Express Intern Emily Burds and I attended the wrap-up party for the Jones County Relay for Life. Emily and her family have been supporters of the cause for several years.

With just a handful of people dedicated towards keeping this event alive and going, there’s only so much that a strong, yet small group of people can do.

This is a countywide event, meaning it’s open to everyone and anyone in Jones County who’s been affected or touched by cancer. Through the years, the Relay has honored cancer survivors and caregivers from all over Jones County.

This should be a successful Relay for the people of Jones County, by the people of Jones County.

There is so much more that can be done and accomplished with more help in planning and carrying out the Relay for Life. During this wrap-up meeting, we came up with so many exciting and great ideas for next year, but can’t do it alone.

If you’ve ever wanted to volunteer for a worthwhile cause and make a difference, this is it! The money that is raised through the Relay for Life goes to the American Cancer Society to help cancer patients and help find a cure for the disease.

You don’t have to be a cancer survivor to help. Most everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer.

The Relay for Life is an event that can only grow from here!

Family fun for the Fourth of July

In an effort to make Monticello’s Fourth of July holiday and fireworks extravaganza, sponsored by the Monticello Fire Department and Chamber of Commerce, a huge family affair, the Chamber of Commerce tapped into a great resource to provide kid-friendly games and activities the entire community can enjoy!

When you come down to the fairgrounds on July 5 for food, cold beverages, great music and one of the best fireworks shows around, the Chamber is looking to enhance that experience even more!

With bounce houses, a rock climbing wall and more, your business or organization can help sponsor one of these fun opportunities for kids of all ages.

This is a chance to make the Fourth of July holiday something everyone can enjoy and to attract people to Monticello for all the fun!

If you’re interested, contact Barbara Hoffman at the Chamber office and ask for more information.