Area entry places in ICA’s first Carcass Challenge

Posted June 19, 2013 at 8:50 am

High quality at a moderate cost of production. That was the general measure used by the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association in its Carcass Challenge that wrapped up with awards on Tuesday, June 11, at the Starlite Convention Center in Ames.

A joint entry by the Jones, Dubuque and Delaware county cattlemen’s organization was the highest-placing area entry, finishing eighth overall.

The entry from Accu-Steel, Inc. – with its 15.5 square inches of ribeye – took the top Carcass Challenge award of $2000. Jason Owen, Accu-Steel Inc. president, says he entered the contest with a steer raised by one of his employees, Andy Smith of St. Anthony.

The calculated value for determining the placements of the entries is called Retail Value per Days on Feed or RVDoF. RVDoF is a calculation that selects for cattle producing the most pounds of high quality beef in the days allowed.

The Accu-Steel steer graded Choice with a Yield Grade of 1. Its Retail Value per Days on Feed (RVDoF) was $7.082.

Other cash prize winners were Jim Bradford of Guthrie Center, who won second place and $1500. Third place and $1000 went to the entry from Holden’s Maines & More and the Greene County Cattlemen’s Association. Mike Holden of Scranton raised the steer entered into the contest. Their steers had RVDoF of $6.528 and $6.456, respectively.

Others placing in the top ten were: fourth – Butler County Cattlemen; fifth – Story County Cattlemen-Sonny Mohr, Andy Moser and Frank Beaver; sixth – Farm and Family Vet Clinic, Marengo; seventh –Henry County Cattlemen; eighth – the joint entry by the Jones, Dubuque and Delaware County Cattlemen; ninth – Mills-Montgomery Cattlemen; and 10th – Da Es Ro Angus Farms, Columbus Junction. All top ten finishers received a Carcass Challenge Top Ten jacket.

The ICA Carcass Challenge was developed to bring back a statewide carcass contest for cattle producers. The last time one was held was in the 1980s. Carolan, who oversaw the contest, noted that “Genetics, feed regimen and technology all played a part in taking this set of 46 steers from an average delivery weight of 681 pounds to 1,319 pounds over a 6-month feeding period.”

Plans are underway for ICA’s next Carcass Challenge contest. The deadline for registering a spring 2013 steer for the contest is Oct. 1. The 2014 program has broadened its award opportunities, and the protocols have been modified to reflect the change. Details and entry requirements can be found on the ICA website under the ICA Programs tab. The 2013 YCLP class has reviewed the rules and is also seeking steer donors for the contest.