She said ‘I do,’ it is official!

Posted June 26, 2013 at 2:22 pm


If being about eight months away from turning the big 5-0 doesn’t make me officially “old”, marrying off our first born child just might make it official.

Allison Paige Spensley wed Kevin Clark this past Saturday in Cedar Falls, then we whooped it up in grand style and left Black Hawk County with many memories, a son-in-law and stories to tell for quite some time.

There was only one minor injury, my brother Brian banging his knee on the dance floor trying to keep up with yours truly, and for the record, he didn’t!

Family and friends had a really great time. It was exciting to see everyone who came from near and far. Former Monticello residents and good friends Joe and Sheila McGreal made it from Michigan.

My sister Sheila came in from Austin, Texas. I had quite a few relatives who made it to the festivities from Missouri. Kevin’s family hails from the other side of the state.

One of the bridesmaids flew in from Texas. One of Allison’s good friends drove straight through from Oregon. And left the reception at 11 p.m. to go right back. She starts grad school today (Monday).

All had a great time, I shed just a couple of tears. I gave a speech, which I didn’t know was part of the equation. And everything ran smoothly.

Allie had a vision on how she wanted her wedding to be and she spent countless hours hand making most of the decorations.

They wrote their own vows, had a friend of theirs marry them. The ceremony was on the UNI campus, where they met. If there could be a perfect wedding, this one might just be it.

A special thanks goes out to all of our family and friends for giving us a hand in setting up and taking stuff down. And for celebrating with us.

Now all that’s left are a few bills to pay and boxes of stuff to find a home for. I wish both Kevin and Allison the best life ever. And don’t wait too long to start giving us some grandkids!!