Thompson, Bone true student athletes

Posted July 11, 2013 at 9:25 am


As their athletic careers wind down over the next couple of weeks, both Hannah Thompson and Andrea Bone will look back at their accomplishments, playing four sports for all four years of high school, with no regrets.

According to Hannah, she wouldn’t do anything differently.

“Absolutely not, I had a great time playing four sports every year and the friends and memories that I made from it will last a lifetime.”

Andrea reiterated the same thoughts.

“Although it is extremely hard to manage practices, games, school work and time for family and friends, I love being active and competing. I would do it all over again.”

For Hannah, getting out of bed in the early mornings after a long night of games and then coming home to study was her biggest challenge. Her work ethic is evident as Hannah finished her education at Monticello as the Valedictorian of the Class of 2013.

For Andrea, she was equally impressive in her studies as she finished with high honors. Andrea also found hitting the books to be a challenge.

“There were countless times that I was up late doing homework or studying, which made me tired for the next day at practice. Then the cycle just kept repeating.”

Not having a part-time job is another experience she felt she missed out on.

One thing Hannah did mention, “Being in four sports I actually attended more school events because a boy’s game would always follow a girl’s game. And I actually helped backstage for most plays and speech events and attended almost every play.”

When it came to school plays, Andrea participated in the musical Wizard of Oz but she definitely wishes she would have been more involved in drama.

Hannah couldn’t decide on a favorite sport when I challenged her with that question. She stated she honestly liked them all. “Why go out for something you don’t like to do?”

Andrea came to the conclusion that basketball was her favorite. “It’s such a fast-paced game and when you’re playing a good team, it’s so intense, especially with the crowd and student section cheering.” Making it even more special was the fact that she had great teams and great coaches to share her basketball experiences with.

I asked both girls what their favorite sports moment was in their careers. For Hannah, it was qualifying for State Golf her junior year. “Because I was in a tough region and didn’t feel like I golfed very good that day,” said Hannah. “I was very surprised to learn that my score was good enough to make it to State”.

And Andrea stated, “It was the second time playing Cascade at home. We were down by three and for some reason I couldn’t get my head in the game. Donnie (coach) called timeout and he knew I wasn’t playing my best so he told me to get my head in the game or I’d be on the bench. The next time on offense, we ran a play and I was wide open. I got the ball and swished a three to tie the game. They went down the floor and someone fouled one of our girls and while getting ready to shoot free throws, Donnie yelled “Bone!” and I thought he was mad at me. I walked over to the bench and he smiled and said, “nice shot.”

As far as offering advice to any potential four-sport athletes, Hannah offered this up, “I would tell them to manage their time wisely because it is possible to do four sports, have good grades and even a social life! The friends and memories that you make by doing sports will stay with you forever.”

Andrea agreed, “Learn to manage your time well and don’t forget about all the other activities going on in school. Be supportive of other groups and sports. And make sure you go out your senior year with a bang in everything you do.”

What both of these girls have done is quite an accomplishment. Dedicating themselves to four sports, hitting the books hard and getting good grades in no easy feat. I’m sure their parents, their coaches and teammates can attest to that!