MLB at the halfway point

Posted July 19, 2013 at 1:41 pm


The mid-summer classic, also referred to as the All-Star game, was Tuesday. As I have mentioned before, I love the All-Star game. It has been a staple in my baseball life ever since I was a little tyke.

Unfortunately, I always seem to have a baseball related event going on that day and have missed a few these past several years. Not this one, I am duty-free and good to go.

At the start of the season, I made my playoff predictions and the halfway point of the season seems like a good time to review them.

In the National League I picked Washington, St. Louis and San Francisco to win their divisions. And the wild card teams would be Atlanta and Los Angeles.

My American League choices were Baltimore, Detroit and Texas. I went with Kansas City and Tampa Bay for wildcard spots.

Here is how the season has played out. Atlanta is atop the NL East. St Louis is leading the Central and Arizona is in front in the West.

If you were picking the two wild card teams, they would be the Pirates and Reds. Those two would mean three teams making the playoffs from the National League Central Division.

By biggest miss so far in the NL would be the Giants. They are sitting in fourth place in the NL West.

With my American League predictions I seem to be off by quite a bit. So far only Detroit has kept up their part of the bargain, leading the AL Central.

Surprisingly, Boston is atop the East and Oakland is leading the West. Wild card picks would be Tampa Bay and Texas, with Baltimore only out by a game.

My biggest whiff in the AL is Kansas City, sitting in third place in the Central division, six games below .500.

If I were allowed to make midseason adjustments, and I am since it’s my column, here is how the playoff race will finish off.

The Red Sox, Tigers and Rangers will win their divisions and the A’s and Orioles will be the wild card teams in the AL.

The Braves, Cardinals and Dodgers will finish in first with the Pirates and Diamondbacks securing wild card spots.

Making it to the World Series will be Detroit and St. Louis. The Cardinals will win it all!