Plenty of fun, excitement in Great Jones County Fair sports events

Posted July 26, 2013 at 12:42 pm

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PHOTO: Demolition Derby action such as this got the crowd going Sunday, July 21 at the Great Jones County Fair. (Photo by Kim Brooks)

A full slate of sports events kept competitors busy during the Great Jones County Fair last week.

Auto racing, demolition derby, harness racing, motocross and truck/tractor pulls made up this year’s events.

The truck/tractor pull results were not available at press time; the rest are listed below.


Wayne Hora of Anamosa was part of two victories in the five feature races run at the Great Jones County Fair auto racing program Saturday, July 20.

Hora won the Hobby Stock feature, and teamed with Keith Keltner, also of Anamosa, to win the Two-man Cruiser feature.

The top Monticello drivers were Doug Yates, second in Hobby Stock; Tim Bader and Rob Edwards, second in Two-man Cruiser; and Doug Picray, second in Nostalgic/Vintage Coupe.

The event was shortened to feature races only due to preparation for the Keith Urban concert that evening.

A list of trophy-winners follows.

Hobby Stock feature

1, Wayne Hora, Anamosa; 2, Doug Yates, Monticello; 3, Tim Bader, Monticello; 4, Chris Hinrichs, Monticello; 5, Mike Loughren, Coggon; 6, Randy Byerly, Tipton; 7, Allen Hansen, Greeley; 8, Shane Oberbreckling, Onslow.

Four-cylinder feature

1, Adam Gates, Marion; 2, Joey Veach, Otter Creek; 3, Arthur Schott, Claremont; 4, Mike Barten, Maquoketa.

Modified feature

1, Ron Barker, Dubuque; 2, Mark Schulte, Delhi; 3, Mark Massey, Worthington; 4, Buck Swanson, Waterloo; 5, Jake Bowman, Maquoketa; 6, Tanner Allen, Springville; 7, Leon Wilson, Wyoming; 8, Jeff Schmidt, Rock City, Ill.; 9, Rick Husmann, Monticello.

Two-man Cruiser feature

1, Wayne Hora and Keith Keltner, Anamosa; 2, Tim Bader and Rob Edwards, Monticello; 3, Rich and Travis Hughes, Monticello; 4, Travis Hansen, Wyoming and Jake Harms, Onslow; 5, Joe Backes, Edgewood and Cory Schenke, Colesburg.

Nostalgic/Vintage Coupe


1, Randy Coghlan, Toddville; 2, Doug Picray, Monticello; 3, John Huff, Center Point.


Nick Bossard and Travis Yonkovic of Monticello were among the winners during the demolition derby held Sunday, July 21 at the fairgrounds grandstand.

Bossard won the Large Car feature, and Yonkovic was the Minimum Weld feature winner.

Results from all the divisions follow.

Large Car

1, Nick Bossard, Monticello; 2, Kenny Breyer, Monticello; 3, Adam Koch, Monticello; 4, Jason Parizek, Elberon; 5, Josh Terhune, West Liberty.


1, Dylan Clinton, Elkader; 2, Brandon Bolsinger, Strawberry Point; 3, Kyle Horstman, Greeley; 4, Tad Billmeyer, Strawberry Point; 5, Josh Rundle, Prairieburg.

Small Car

1, Jared Urbain, Farley; 2, Cory Harback, Delhi.

Minimum Weld

1, Travis Yonkovic, Monticello; 2, Rich Zborski, Walker; 3, Luke McElmeel, Monticello; 4, Jay Murray, Monticello.

Best of Show

Luke McElmeel, Jeff Conrad and Josh Rundle.


Adam Hauser drove five winners in the 11 races during the Great Jones County Fair harness racing program Friday, July 19.

Country Dude, driven by Hauser, posted the fastest winning time of the day, winning the race 10 pace in 2:02 2/5.

Hauser’s other winners included Bankin On Bomb, Lo Rail Crossing, See Amy Go and Feel Good.

The following are the race results, with winner’s number and name, the driver’s name (in parentheses), and winning time.

Race 1 – Pace

1­-Snacker Backer (S. Philipp)

5-Bruener (K. Kilburg)

2-Chocolicious (J. McDanel)

Winning time: 2:04.2

Race 2 - Trot

1-Sand Mr Go (J. McDanel)

2-Hasty Tracy (G. Liles)

5-Jl Jan (R. Roland)

Winning time: 2:07.4

Race 3 - Pace

4-Doug’s Legacy (M. Mintun)

2-Premio Moon (A. Hauser)

1-Desert Cowboy (C. Sturtz)

Winning time: 2:06.2

Race 4 – Trot

5-Exxa Lou (C. Carey)

1-Missparkleye (G. Liles)

2-Letsgetacoldone (R. Huffman)

Winning time: 2:08.2

Race 5 - Pace

4-Bankin On Bomb (A. Hauser)

2-Big Bad Bolt (S. Smith)

1-Looney Valley (R. Roland)

Winning time: 2:09.2

Race 6 - Trot

4-Lo Rail Crossing (A. Hauser)

1-Kayveonna’s Rose (C. Carey)

3-Kickin N Winnin (R. Huffman)

Winning time: 2:06.2

Race 7 - Pace

1-Rd Misty (S. Smith)

5-Gooch’s Bad Boss (A. Hauser)

3-Chippewa Law (R. Roland)

Winning time: 2:07.0

Race 8 – Trot

5-See Amy Go (A. Hauser)

1-Scattin Kat (J. Rosdall)

2-Yanke’s Mar (M. Mintun)

Winning time: 2:12.2

Race 9 – Pace

3-Feel Good (A. Hauser)

5-Gallant Honor (R. Roland)

2-Racing Lulu (S. Smith)

Winning time: 2:08.4

Race 10 – Pace

3-Country Dude (A. Hauser)

1-Hotmones (R. Roland)

2-Boogilee Boogilee (C. Sturtz)

Winning time: 2:02.2

Race 11 – Trot and Pace

4-Silver D Moon (S. Philipp)

2-Marginal (K. Kilburg)

3-Exquisite Honor (L. Gooch)

Winning time: 2:07.2


Motocross action kicked off the Great Jones County Fair during Sneak-A-Peek night Tuesday, July 16.

Mitchell Simon and Curtis McCabe each won two of the seven divisions that competed. Monticello entrant Cole Kromminga took third place in two divisions.

Results follow.


1, Billy McDermott; 2, Caleb Rickels; 3, Coltyn Torres.


1, Caleb Neighbor; 2, Taya Allen.


1, Jesse Aitchison; 2, Ryley Helle; 3, Ike McDermott.


1, Mitchell Simon; 2, Tyler Day; 3, Logan Egge.

Open B

1, Mitchell Simon; 2, Bryce McCloud; 3, Hugh Miles.


1, Curtis McCabe; 2, Brett McCloud; 3, Cole Kromminga.

Open A

1, Curtis McCabe; 2, Brett McCloud; 3, Cole Kromminga.