I jumped on the e-reader bandwagon

Posted August 7, 2013 at 12:41 pm

BABBLING BROOKS column–Express Editor Kim Brooks

I love to read. Whenever I find the time, I’m either reading a book or magazine or newspaper.

For a while, I was against these new fangled technology devises where you could download a book and read it from the screen. I mean it took so much away from an actual book, where you can flip the pages and ear-tag where you stopped reading because a bookmark was just too much work.

Well, I relapsed and purchased one of these high-tech devises, a Nook, and have yet to regret the decision.

I thought I was going to be old school and speak out against digital books/ebooks. What’s so wrong with paging through a “real” book?

That definition has certainly changed as well. “Books” are not just paper copies bound together. There are millions of ebooks and audio books out there at the touch of a button.

E-readers (Nook, Kindle, iPad, etc) are not just for downloading books either. For instance, every week in the mail, I receive too many magazines to count. Some are weekly, some monthly, some quarterly; either way, it’s too many!

So I can now download full-color issues on my Nook, read it, look at the pictures, maybe digitally tear out an article I want to save, and then delete the issue once I’m done with it. No more mountainous stacks of magazines cluttering my house!

Another great e-reader feature… Did you know if you have a Monticello Library card, you could download books from the NEIBORS service for FREE? That was a huge plus when I purchased my Nook! Free, you say? You bet! There are so many copies of books out there for free you’d be amazed!

Several months ago, the library held an evening class on how to use e-readers, led my Judy Huntsberger. She talked about the various uses of Nooks, Kindles and iPads and the pros and cons of each. I attended the class, just to learn a bit about these devices. It was beneficial to know the how-to’s from those who use these devices first-hand.

I still enjoy reading an actual book every now and then. I won’t give up that hobby. In fact, I have too many books as it is to fit on one small bookshelf. I never thought I would “get with the program” when it came to e-readers, but it’s certainly beneficial at times.

Think about how many books and magazines you’d have to take on vacation with you for several days or so… Instead of a bag full of books heavier than your suitcase, these handy dandy e-readers can go anywhere and fit in just about anything. Definitely makes life easier.

Another tool you can access through our Monticello Library aside from NEIBORS is the Monticello Express archives.

This free service is linked from the library’s website (www.monticello.lib.ia.us) and takes you to every single issue of the Express all the way back to July 20, 1865.

This service is perfect for those looking to do family genealogy research and more! We use it almost every day at the newspaper for the “Years Gone By” column or for research on various articles.

Stay tuned, because in the very near future (date pending) I will be teaching an evening class at the library on how to access and use the archive feature. You’d be amazed at what you can find and who you can find through such research!