Kirkwood for Kids 2013

Posted August 7, 2013 at 12:46 pm



By Emily Burds, Express Intern

Area youngsters got to “go to college” last week during the 2013 Kirkwood for Kids program that ran from July 30 through August 2 at the Jones Regional Education Center.

This year’s program offered a variety of unique courses for all age groups:

First -Second Grade

Summer Rocks

Kids learned how to be a real “rockstar” with guitar lessons. During the week the kids also wrote their own song with their new skills.

Spanish for Kids

Students got to learn the basics of the Spanish language while exploring the Hispanic culture and traditions.

Making Math Fun

Brushing up on math skills was the main focus of this class while applying the basics of math to everyday life to show how fun math can be.

Exploring Invertebrates-The Secret Lives of Bugs, Slugs, and Other Spineless Animals

This class allowed campers to see, touch, and learn about a variety of local invertebrates creatures and how they survive in the world today.

Reading Everywhere

For those excited about reading, this class offered insight into the power of words in symbols in the world that surrounds us.

COOL Computing

Kids got to put their tech skills to this test in this class that helped them improve their keyboarding while learning about how much the internet and apps have to offer.

Third-Fourth Grade

Raise the Curtain

Kids got to show off their acting skills in this class that showed them what it’s like to go through an audition and be in a play like the big stars do.

Crazy Chemistry

This course taught students about how chemistry is used in our everyday lives in the world around them while creating some crazy chemical reactions.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears!

Kids got to unleash their inner artist while painting the world’s most ferocious animals and learning about how humans have depicting animals throughout the centuries.

Learn about Geocaching

Geocaching is the international “hide and seek” game of hidden treasures. Kids got to learn about GPS technology and how it can be used for fun.

Math Adventure

Students got to get a refresher in fractions and currency while exploring the world of math and how it can be made to entertain.

Wildlife, Forestry, and Beyond

Students got to get outdoors to learn about Iowa’s natural wildlife as well as what it takes to maintain our forests and state parks.

Fifth-Eighth Grade

CSI Jones County

Kids were on the case during this class, learning about what it takes to solve the crime through fingerprint analysis, DNA and more.

Welding Metal Creations

Sparks were flying in this class as students learned how to use welding equipment like the pros to form some unique creations.

LEGO Robotics

Robots ran the halls with this class where students learned how to design, build, and program their own autonomous robots through the basics of programming, gearing, and mechanics.

PC Hardware

Kids dove into the “guts” of computers in this class room to learn about their inner-workings and what makes a PC tick. With this knowledge, students assembled their own computer from parts and even installed an operating system.

Cool Careers in Math and Science

Campers got to delve into the world of math and science and how it is used everyday in careers such as nursing, medicine, architecture and engineering and why math and science are so important to our world today.


PHOTOS: Top: Students in CSI Jones County learn about blood drop patterns and how to analyze crime scenes.  (Photos by Emily Burds)

Middle: Campers spend some time outside in the summer sun learning about Iowa wildlife and forestry and even how to make a fire.

Bottom: Mason Reuter (right) and Reggie Welter (left) pose with their LEGO robot they learned how to build in class where the most important thing seems to be “to follow directions.”