Ignite's Wapsi Wilderness Wipeout 2013

Posted August 29, 2013 at 10:51 am


PHOTO: And the race is on! Runners in the third annual Wapsi Wilderness Wipeout at Wapsi State Park take off at the starting line. This year’s race was held on Aug. 24. This is an annual Ignite (Jones Co. Young Professionals) event. (Photo by Kim Brooks)


Tyler Husak of Olin won the men’s division by four minutes, and Kathy LaDue of Anamosa won the women’s division in the third annual Wapsi Wilderness Wipeout six-kilometer race Saturday, Aug. 24 at Wapsipinicon State Park in Anamosa.

Husak finished in a course-record time of 24 minutes 6 seconds. Jake Matzen of Anamosa was second in 28:06.

LaDue won the women’s division in 31:48. Carla Wosoba of Cedar Rapids was second in 32:36.

The race, conducted by Ignite Jones County, had 78 finishers.

Age-group results follow.

Male 0-19: 1, Chesney Capron, Monticello, 37:26; 2, Owen Moore, Anamosa, 1:07:10.

Female 0-19: 1, Rejji Smith, Ryan, 39:31; 2, Kira Vaske, Manchester, 43:16; 3, Megan Hoefer, Masonville, 43:17.

Male 20-29: 1, Tyler Husak, Olin, 24:06; 2, Jake Matzen, Anamosa, 28:06; 3, Stephan Pedrick, Fairfield, 28:23.

Female 20-29: 1, Maria Pitz, Dubuque, 38:30; 2, Nichole Vaske, Manchester, 46:20; 3, Laurianne Faugstad, Lisbon, 48:07.

Male 30-39: 1, Brad Diesburg, Waterloo, 28:35; 2, Jason Caslavka, Portland, Ore., 30:15; 3, Nic Shaffer, Marion, 30:37.

Female 30-39: 1, Kathey LaDue, Anamosa, 31:48; 2, Carla Wosoba, Cedar Rapids, 32:36; 3, Emily Krall Feldman, Lisbon, 35:11.

Male 40-49: 1, Christian Mueller, Cedar Rapids, 29:42; 2, Tim Collier, Manchester, 31:53; 3, Ara Ispentchian, Cedar Rapids, 39:05.

Female 40-49: 1, Tricia Collier, Manchester, 36:19; 2, Janette Voss, Ryan, 36:31; Cathy May, Cedar Rapids, 43:07.

Male 50-99: 1, Rick Hagan, Urbandale, 33:59; 2, Keith Lowen, Marion, 35:08; 3, Pete Temple, Monticello, 43:15.

Female 50-99: 1, Sandy Alber, Manchester, 38:32; 2, Donna Lamphere, Cascade, 41:09; 3, Maureen Kenney, Cedar Rapids, 43:34.


PHOTO: Runners safely cross a creek along the race route and use ropes to pull themselves up the other side. The race includes a number of obstacles, some optional. (Photo by Kim Brooks)


PHOTO: The top two finishers overall in the Wapsi Wilderness Wipeout race on Aug. 24 were Tyler Husack of Olin with a time of 24:06, a new course record, and Kathy LaDue of Anamosa with a time of 31:48. (Photo by Kim Brooks)


PHOTO: Pete Temple of Monticello, Kira Vaske of Manchester, Meghan Hoefer of Masonville and Madalynn Burke of Manchester head into the finish line on the giant slip-n-slide. (Photo by Kim Brooks)