Bohlken estate benefits MHS library

Posted September 11, 2013 at 11:57 am

bohlken library donation 1-color.jpg

PHOTO: A $10,000 donation was made to the high school library to purchase lounge chairs and books, as part of the estate of the late Ron Bohlken, a 1970 graduate of Monticello High School. Pictured are, seated from left: students Alex Carlson, Rashida Jones, Margaret Cruise, Abby Schmerbach, Ben Reth, Courtney Nation and Taryn Schoon. Standing: superintendent Chris Anderson (also representing the Monticello School Foundation), teacher Jenny Lambert, Don and Carmen Bohlken, high school principal Joan Young and media specialist Kim Carlson. (Photo by Pete Temple)

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PHOTO: The late Ron Bohlken left $10,000 to the high school library. (Photo submitted)


By Pete Temple, Express Sports Editor

When Don Bohlken carried out the wishes of his late, twin brother Ron, the Monticello High School Library was the beneficiary.

Ron, a 1970 graduate of Monticello High School who passed away in May 2010, left a $10,000 gift to the library in his will.

The money was used to purchase four lounge chairs, several Nooks, and boxes full of history books.

“I was executor of the estate, and I was real happy to carry out my brother’s wishes,” Don said during a visit to the library Sept. 6.

“His high school years were very important to him, and he always had good memories of them. We had a lot of fun, and learned a lot, and I think he felt it gave us good preparation for later in life.”

Librarian Kim Carlson gathered students to help pick out the furniture, which included four plush, burgundy lounge chairs that are situated in a corner of the library.

“I think it was great for the students to participate making the selection on the furniture,” Don said. “Ron wanted the students to have a voice in the things that would be selected for the library.”

Don’s wife Carmen added: “The ones that are really interested in this facility are the ones that knew the need, and were motivated enough.”

“Kim Carlson knew what was needed here. She was the one who got the students together,” high school teacher Jenny Lambert said. “She did all the ordering, and all the research.”

The Bohlken brothers graduated in 1970. Don said he was proud of his brother’s contribution.

“It was a great thing for him to do and a very charitable thing for him to do.”