Dan Gable and friends kick butt!

Posted September 12, 2013 at 10:38 am


Dan Gable has been retired from both participating in and coaching wrestling for quite some time but he may have just came away with the biggest wrestling victory of his career.

Gable, along with thousands of wrestling supporters, just did what anyone who ever wrestled did when faced with adversity: they fought back and won.

And what a win it was. All this group did was convince the IOC to reinstate the sport of wrestling back into the Olympic games. The sport will be back in the Olympics in 2020.

The sport was dropped from wrestling in February, to the surprise of many, including non-wrestlers. Wrestling is considered one of the true Olympic sports, having been part of the original games.

Fantasy football. I enjoy fantasy baseball, football and NASCAR. I am involved with a couple of teams with local guys and I usually join a public league with people I do not know.

For football, my local league never got off the ground so I decided to go with just one public league. I opted for the auto pick draft version so I didn’t have to commit to a certain live draft time.

My issue here is the guy hosting the league, always referred to as the commissioner, filled it up with enough teams but never set a draft time. So after bailing on the rest of us, poor little me has no fantasy football team.

NASCAR. It’s playoff time in NASCAR. The chase starts with the next race. Most notable from missing the chase: Jeff Gordon. How does one of the most dominant drivers of his era fall so quickly?

Last year’s champion, Brad Keselowski, also failed to miss the chase.

Two guys I wish were in the chase are Martin Truex, Jr. and Paul Menard. Menard is as consistent as they come on the racetrack but lack of big wins and top tens certainly hurt his chances.

My pick to win it all: Kyle Busch. Even though I can’t stand the guy. A possible sleeper champion, in my opinion, could be Kevin Harvick.