Terminal Building dedicated in Cuckler’s memory

Posted September 20, 2013 at 9:31 am

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PHOTO: A ribbon cutting took place in front of the new David E. Cuckler Terminal Building on Sept. 15. From left are Ambassadors Cheryl Dirks, Chris Anderson and Judy Tuetken, Mike Deutmeyer of Weber Stone Co., John Frasher, Mayor Dena Himes, Michelle McEnany with the Iowa DOT Office of Aviation, Stacey Burlage (granddaughter of Cuckler), Airport Manager Paul Elmegreen, and Ambassadors Kathy Bone, Jerry Retzlaff and Peg Arduser.

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PHOTO: Warplanes line the runway at the Monticello Regional Airport on Sunday, Sept. 15 for the annual Fly-in Drive-in Breakfast. (Photos by Kim Brooks)


By Kim Brooks, Express Editor

This Sunday, Sept. 15, the dedication of the David E. Cuckler Terminal Building was held during the annual Fly-in Drive-in Breakfast at the Monticello Regional Airport.

Paul Elmegreen, airport manager and owner of Monticello Aviation, thanked all those who donated their time, talents, money and service to make the new Terminal Building a reality. Elmegreen said the idea was the brainchild of Cuckler himself while the two were on a boating trip in Vancouver. Elmegreen recalled Cuckler asking him if their Monticello airport needed anything.

“I thought about it,” Elmegreen said, “and told him we could use more T-hangars.”

He said Cuckler thought about it a while and proposed the idea of a terminal building.

“I thought it was a pretty good idea,” Elmegreen admitted. “That was the beginning of the whole idea.”

Receiving plaques in memory of or in honor of were the following:

John Frasher, in memory of his parents Jack and Janet Frasher. The Frashers sold their land to expand the current Monticello Regional Airport.

“I regret that my parents and Dave Cuckler are not here to see this today,” Frasher said. “They’d be proud of what this community has done. It’s a symbol of positive thinking for the future.”

Frasher said the airport plays a role in Monticello’s economic development. “If a business is looking for a community to support their growth, they’d be impressed by the first thing they see,” which for many, happens to be the airport.

Stacey Burlage, granddaughter of David Cuckler, accepted the plaque in his memory.

Mike Deutmeyer, owner of Weber Stone Co., received a plaque for the company’s donation of stone for the terminal building’s façade.

Others receiving plaques for their support of the airport included: Charlie and Pat Becker, Tom Yeoman, Gary and Marcia Fisher, Larry Elings, The Monticello Flyers Association, Jerry and Ruth Welter, Armin and Betty Jacobs, Larry Behrends, Paul and Janice Smith, Fred and Winnie Williams, Jerry Muller, Dave and Audrey Savage, Lloyd and Joyce Welter and Dean Hayen.

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PHOTO: Paul Elmegreen, Airport manager