Monticello Express Editorial

Posted October 2, 2013 at 11:52 am

Thanks to Federated Garden Club for hard work

On Saturday, the Monticello Federated Garden Club, which maintains Fountain Park near the Aquatic Center, held a dedication ceremony for the new Blue Star Marker.

This is a rare opportunity. Believe it or not, only three counties in Iowa are Blue Star counties. Monticello is the only town in Jones County to have a Blue Star Marker.

All across the U.S., national garden clubs, like the Federated Garden Club, take charge of applying for and erecting Blue Star Memorials. They honor men and women who served and currently serve in the Armed Forces.

This memorial will serve as a reminder of all local veterans who fight for this country. At the dedication ceremony, members of the local Monticello Drill Team presented the colors, parading the American Flag. Local veterans Al Carlson, George Walters, Clyde Meyer, Don Gilmore and Norman Meyer were all present as well. The memorial is dedicated to past, present and future veterans and service members.

The Federated Garden Club deserves much appreciation for their hard work in this endeavor. They took on this project themselves, seeking donations, volunteer work and grants to bring the Blue Star Memorial to Monticello.

Fountain Park’s luscious flowers and plants are made possible each year because of the garden club as well. They spend numerous hours beautifying the area, which acts as a gateway into the community for those traveling along Cedar Street. Many people also travel through the park on their daily walks. Children and families spend time playing on the playground equipment, too.

Next time you pass by Fountain Park, take a look at the Blue Star Memorial. Look around at the colorful flowers that spruce the grounds. All of these accomplishments are the result of many volunteers, many hours of volunteer service. (K.N.B.)