Monticello Express Editorial

Posted October 23, 2013 at 3:14 pm

Help your Monticello neighbors

Let’s face it; times are tough. At any given moment, life can be so unpredictable. People lose jobs. There can be unexpected expenses. An emergency might pop up that causes additional bills.

If you’re not aware of the Monticello Ministerial Association’s program called Neighbors Helping Neighbors, then now is the time!

As winter approaches and temperatures start to decline, there are some people that may have utility issues, and maybe can’t afford to turn their heat on for a month in the dead of winter.

Perhaps you know someone who lost a job and can’t afford a month’s of rent or a tank of gas to seek employment elsewhere.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors can meet all of these needs and more. Throughout the year, the Ministerial Association receives some donations that are not designated toward the food pantry. These donations can help someone or a family in this very community, especially during the winter season.

Monticello is a very fortunate community, in that many people, businesses and organizations generously donate to the food pantry every year. In fact, Superior Appliance just started their food pantry donation campaign. But while these donations are important, so is giving toward the Neighbors Helping Neighbors fund.

If you’re writing out a check to the food pantry or the Neighbors Fund, consider just making the check out to the Monticello Ministerial Association in general. This designation allows the Association to direct the funds where the greatest need may lie.

You wouldn’t want to go without heat, paying your rent, light bill or gas. So think of your fellow Monticello neighbors in these situations as well, and lend a hand. (K.N.B.)