Third trip to Green Bay just as exciting

Posted October 24, 2013 at 12:34 pm


This past Sunday I made my third trip, with some friends, into Green Bay to catch the Packers versus the Browns game. I will say the third time was just as much fun as the first two.

My first trip was with my brother and my two sons. The second trip was a cold and snowy day, which is just how one should view a game in Lambeau Field, except we were not prepared clothing-wise that day.

This time around we had decent weather, other than a sprinkle or two and mild temperatures, hovering around 45 degrees.

I was surprised to see how much the stadium has changed since the two-year hiatus between games. It’s seemed to have gotten taller and more enclosed, with the added seating.

This time around we headed to Wisconsin on Saturday for a stay-over just 20 minutes outside of Green Bay. It was also great for me personally to see the Packers taking on the Browns.

Cleveland has always been my second favorite team, having grown up watching them on television quite a bit.

Kickoff was at 3:30 p.m. so that left us plenty of time to visits a few sites and mingle with the many Green Bay fans, which I must say are some of the nicest fans you will ever meet.

As I expected, Green Bay handled the Browns quite easily. We were seated in the South end zone, I believe, and par for the course, most of the scoring occurred in the North end zone.

It was also a throwback jersey game so Green Bay was wearing blue and gold jerseys, which I assume came from the period of time when they were known as the Acme Packing Company.

The official helmet color for this uniform is brown, but a new league mandate states teams must wear their current helmet when using throw back uniforms. So the Packers plucked off their “G” decal to at least simulate an older look.

I’m not a fan of this jersey but they are 2-0 now when using this version of their uniforms. I would like to thank John A. for getting us tickets and showing us a great time, as usual, in Packerland!