Certified enrollment figures continue to climb

Posted October 31, 2013 at 10:52 am

School Board

By Kim Brooks, Express Editor

During the recent Monticello Community School District meeting on Oct. 28, District Superintendent Chris Anderson gave a report on the district’s enrollment status.

For 2013, there are 975.1 resident students served by the district. Anderson explained this the total number of students who live and attend school within the Monticello School District.

“We dropped 2.9 students this year,” Anderson offered, which he attributed to fewer kids in the 4-year-old preschool program.

Those who are open enrolled-out are students who live in the Monticello district but attend school in another district.

“This number is up slightly because of two families who moved into our district from a neighboring district but chose to keep their kids in that district,” explained Anderson. “A large percentage also takes advantage of the Marion homeschooled program.”

Anderson offered that 21 out of 54 students are involved in a homeschooling program.

Those who are open enrolled-in are students who live in other school district but attend school in Monticello. Anderson said 30 of these are from the Anamosa School District, four are from Central City, one is from Dubuque, 10 are from Maquoketa Valley, 24 are from Midland, three are from the North-Linn District, two are from Olin and eight are from Western Dubuque.

The certified enrollment count, which is those students residing here and attending school here, is at 1,018.6. In 2009, that figure was at 976.59. This is the figure the state looks at when determining funding for schools.

“It’s projected to continue upward,” said Anderson. “We have more students coming in than going out.”

In other School Board business:

Brent Meier, Middle School principal, said the school is using all new Smart Boards in the classrooms now.

Curt Tauke, seventh grade math, and Sarah Goldsmith, seventh grade science, gave an update on the Middle School’s Outdoor Education Day that took place at Central Park on Sept. 27.

A couple of Middle School students talked about what they did that day, including: archery, fishing, canoeing, outdoor games (bocce ball, bean bag toss and horseshoes), and orienteering (learning to use a compass and map out directions).

The School Board approved the list of early high school graduates this year, 11 in all: Rayman Cruise, Katie Dirks, Cody Eby, Natasha Eby, Tyler Mahoney, Alyssa Nightingale, Madison Petty, Steven Recker, Katrina Smith, Allen Taylor and Serenity Walton.

High School Principal Joan Young said that two are entering the workforce right away, five are working to save money for college, two are going into the military and two are planning on starting college right away.

“This is a record number of early graduates in the 12 years that I’ve been here,” explained Young. “I’m proud of these students for working hard to get to this point.”

The Board approved the resignation of Joe Steen as Middle School Cross Country Coach and the appointment of Casey Reyner as Special Education Child Specific Associate at the high school.

The board’s next work session is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 13, at 6 p.m.

The next school board meeting is set for Monday, Nov. 25, at 6 p.m.