Big bucks ARE what it’s all about

Posted November 20, 2013 at 11:13 am

mark's colum cartoon.tif



Our cartoon guy, who resides in Wisconsin, sent this cartoon to us this week. I found some aspects of it both funny and true. If you add up every hunting item on his list it ends up totaling over $3,000.

But in all reality, a typical shotgun season in Iowa would cost more like this: License (which he left off) about $60, two blaze orange items $40, shotgun $500, scope $150, scent free jacket/pants combo $300, gloves $25, day pack $60, ammo $20, boots $150, range finder $150, knife $30, hand warmers, $10, scent stuff $40 and tree stand $75.

Add in deer processing after you shoot one and that could be another $200. And if you need a taxidermist to mount your deer, that’s close to $400.

Of course, I went on the low side on many of these items and eliminated a couple and added one or two. My total came out to just over $1800. Believe me, much more could be spent.

The point of the cartoon is obviously to show how expensive a sport hunting has become. Typically most of these items would be used over from year to year. So a typical weekend of hunting in your own back yard, so to speak, recycling your gun, stand, clothing, etc. would cost about $150.

I never tell my better half how much I spend to hunt and she never asks. I haven’t bought a new gun in over 10 years. I use much of the same stuff over and over.

I do buy a new stand or two each year when they go on sale at Theisen’s. Recently I did a mental inventory of my deer stands. I believe I own a total of 18 stands.

Twelve are in one location but 4 of those are in sets, one for the hunter and one for a videographer. Two (crappy ones) are sitting idle at home. Two are in another location in Jones County and two are at my brother’s land in Clarke County.

It’s possible I may purchase two more to go with the other two located in my other Jones County location for shotgun season. I hear they are on sale now at Theisen’s!