Arm Chair Traveler

On Dec. 9, Phil and Laura Larabee and their daughter Rachel presented the second in a series called “Arm Chair Traveler” at the Monticello Public Library. The Larabee family shared insights into their one-month trip to London, England, which they took as a family of four, along with daughter Eva, back in June. The trip was a celebration of their 25th anniversary. The first week was spent touring the history and arts of London. The Larabees were in London during the terrorist stabbing on London Bridge, in which seven people died and almost 50 people were injured. “People fought back with bottles and bar stools,” said Laura. She said the roads leading toward the site of the attack were closed for several days, resulting in detours. “We saw an increase in police with heavy guns,” added Laura. The family planned and organized the entire trip themselves, without the assistance of travel agents. They visited several museums, gardens, and historic churches. Other stops included Buckingham Palace where Queen Elizabeth lives, Westminster Abbey Church, St. Paul’s Cathedral where Price Charles and Princess Diana were married, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and King George’s palace. The family will share more of the second half of their trip throughout rural England later in the spring at the library. (Photo by Kim Brooks)

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