Bellevue topples Panthers

Hayo Eiben of Monticello is congratulated after a strike during the Panthers’ Dec. 7 match at Bellevue’s Horizon Lanes. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Jordan Lorenzen of Monticello takes aim during the Panthers’ match against Bellevue at Horizon Lanes Dec. 7.

Kegan Arduser of the Panthers lines up his shot during the Bellevue match.

Evee Krouse is all smiles after teammates congratulate her on a strike.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     Bellevue took advantage of its home surroundings to defeat both Monticello High School varsity bowling teams Thursday, Dec. 7 at Horizon Lanes in Bellevue.

     The Comets won the varsity boys match 2577 to 2456, and took the girls match 1858 to 1743. The losses dropped both Monticello teams to 1-1 on the season.

     Monticello did sweep the junior varsity matches, leaving both Panther JV teams 2-0.

     Monticello’s varsity girls won the Baker round, outscoring the Comets by a total of 16 pins over the five games, but it wasn’t enough to make up the 131-pin deficit the Panthers faced after the individual round.

     Cassie Gillmore had the top individual score (145) and top two-game score for the Panthers (280), and Natalie Newhard was close behind at 132-143–275. Evee Krouse totaled 231, Hope Vorbeck 193, Jordan Lorenzen 183, and Shana Timm 178.

     The Panther boys were outscored in both rounds. Bellevue won the two-game individual round, 1726 to 1660, and topped Monticello by another 55 pins in the Baker round.

     Caleb Gillmore led Monti in the individual round with a two-game total of 360, and Hayo Eiben was close behind with 355. Kegan Arduser had a 329 total, Levi Temple scored 328, Robert Pejchl 288 and David Titman 273. Temple had the top single game score on the team, a 201. Gillmore had a 193.

     Monticello swept the junior varsity matches. The boys won 1881 to 1566. Autry Fasnacht had the team’s top single game score (154) and two-game total (272).

     The Panther JV girls won 1006 to 848. The Baker round was not completed, so only the individual two-game totals figured into the team score. Grace Heinrich and Yutana Hughes shared the highest two-game totals, at 222 apiece. Heinrich’s 129 was the top individual game for the team.


Dec. 7

(at Horizon Lanes,



     Bellevue 2577, Monticello 2456.

Individual round total (two games)

     Bellevue 1726, Monticello 1660.

Monticello results

     Caleb Gillmore 167-193–360, Hayo Eiben 167-188–355, Kegan Arduser 164-165–329, Levi Temple 201-127–328, Robert Pejchl 124-164–288, David Titman 134-139–273.

Baker round total* (five games)

     Bellevue 851, Monticello 796.

Baker games

     Bellevue 166, Monticello 147.

     Bellevue 178, Monticello 161.

     Monticello 182, Bellevue 129.

     Bellevue 178, Monticello 166.

     Bellevue 200, Monticello 140.



     Bellevue 1858, Monticello 1743.

Individual round total (two games)

     Bellevue 1293, Monticello 1162.

Monticello results

     Cassie Gillmore 145-135–280, Natalie Newhard 132-143–275, Evee Krouse 126-105–231, Hope Vorbeck 99-94–193, Jordan Lorenzen 85-98–183, Shana Timm 89-98–178.

Baker round total* (five games)

     Monticello 581, Bellevue 565.

Baker games

     Monticello 108, Bellevue 108.

     Monticello 117, Bellevue 107.

     Monticello 128, Bellevue 110.

     Bellevue 116, Monticello 109.

     Bellevue 124, Monticello 119.



     Monticello 1881, Bellevue 1566.

Individual round total (two games)

     Monticello 1218, Bellevue 1026.

Monticello results

     Autry Fasnacht 154-118–272, Alex Fagan 124-129–253, Eli Beitz 125-126–251, Jacob Farmer 128-114–242, Noah Arduser 103-97–200, Gary Pasker 88-79–167.

Baker round total* (five games)

     Monticello 663, Bellevue 540.

Baker games

     Monticello 144, Bellevue 107.

     Monticello 115, Bellevue 107.

     Monticello 148, Bellevue 108.

     Bellevue 111, Monticello 106.

     Monticello 150, Bellevue 107.



     Monticello 1006, Bellevue 848.

Individual round total (two games)

     Monticello 1006, Bellevue 848.

Monticello results

     Grace Heinrich 129-93–222, Yutana Hughes 101-121–222, Jordyn Patterson 98-111–209, Aubree Fairley 94-83–177, Rachel Larabee 110-66–176, Leah Holub 83-70–153.

Baker round total* (two games)

     Baker round incomplete.


* – In the Baker round, teams select five bowlers, and each bowls two frames per game.             





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