Candidates sought for 2023 GJCF Queen

Reagan Schneiter was crowned 2022 GJCF Queen last July by 2021 Fair Queen Karli Recker. Schneiter encourages young women to apply for 2023 GJCF Queen. (Express file photo)
Reagan Schneiter
2022 GJCF Queen

   My name is Reagan Schneiter and I am your 2022 Great Jones County Fair Queen.

   All of my life, I looked up to the fair queen each year but never thought about being the fair queen. After putting some thought into it, I decided it would be a great experience, win or lose.

   On July 19, when my name was called as the new fair queen, I could never have imagined the adventures it would bring. During fair week, I grew wonderful relationships with the Princess, Grace Bergfeld, and Miss Congeniality, Alyssa Lux. Being able to share the experience with them expanded the fun. I was able to connect with the fair board members and discover behind the scenes of what happens outside of fair week. Being able to continue my fair experiences as the fair queen, made things more special. I was able to show my cattle and spend time in the barns as usual preparing for the show.

   After fair week, I was preparing for the State Fair where I would head just two weeks later. I was nervous and scared to go through a larger experience without people I know. Immediately, I became connected with so many of the wonderful women from all around the state. Having those amazing friendships made the pageant feel like I was just doing fun activities with my best friends.

   During the coronation, I was so excited to see if one of my new friends would become the new Iowa State Fair Queen without a thought in my mind about myself. When they called my name for second runner-up, I had to process it for a second because I couldn't even believe it.

   The Iowa State Fair Queen Contest and Great Jones County Fair will always reside in the most special place in my heart because it is where I was able to further so many personal skills and I met my best friends. To this day, some of my best friends have come from the county and state fair experience. I am forever grateful for the amazing friendships and wide range of skills that I have developed during this experience. I encourage all young girls to give the experience a try because it is life changing!

   Applications for those wishing to run for 2023 GJCF Queen are due by midnight on Tuesday, June 6. Visit or contact the Fair Office at 319-465-3275 to fill out an application.

   Those age 16 to 21 can apply. Candidates must reside in Jones County or an adjoining county if the majority of their activities are in Jones County. Judging is based on personality (attitude, appearance, and awareness), leadership and citizenship (contribution to community), and overall appearance, charm, and poise. The contest consists of an individual interview and group interview with a panel of three judges. Additionally, candidates will participate in a program open to the public that includes on-stage questions, a formal grown presentation, and a short skit about what the GJCF means to them. (You do not have to be active in 4-H/FFA to be a candidate for Fair Queen.)


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