Chapman seeks help to complete Eagle Scout project

Zach Chapman

This photo shows a trail around Camp Courageous that has already been cleared of trees and brush. Zach Chapman has been working with Camp officials to clear brush and install a fence around Camp’s property line. He’s seeking donations to complete the project. (Photo submitted)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Zach Chapman of Monticello will not only be a sophomore in high school any day, but turns 16 this weekend. Aside from these life milestones, Chapman is also well on his way to completing his Eagle Scout project.

     However, he is seeking some assistance from the Monticello community.

     In late July, Chapman began the first phase of his Eagle Scout project, clearing brush from the property line around Camp Courageous.

     “It took two full work days,” he said. “It took a chain saw to remove everything.”

     Chapman’s ultimate goal is to build a fence along the Camp Courageous boundary.

     Working with Craig Lampe, Maintenance Department assistant at Camp Courageous, Chapman has been busy measuring and estimating just how much fence line he will need and how much it would cost in the long run.

     “Craig has been supervising me,” he said. “It (the boundary) goes pretty deep into the woods.”

     Aside from Chapman and Lampe, there have been a few others volunteering to clear the trail.

     Chapman took his measurements into the local Theisen’s and figured it would cost $214 to purchase the fencing materials. He is seeking donations for the remainder of his Eagle Scout project.

     “I need 1,700 feet of fence,” shared Chapman. He said he plans to build a three-stand fence at 550 feet each strand. Chapman also needs 40 steel posts to secure the fence line.

     “I already have $50 in donations,” he said.

     Once he has the supplies and materials in place, Chapman will plan a workday for volunteers and fellow Boy Scouts to install the fence.

     “It’ll take a lot of volunteers to maintain a straight fence line,” he said of literally lining people up.

     Aside from marking Camp’s property line, Chapman said there would also be signage warning of no hunting or trespassing in the area.

     Chapman said he contacted Camp Courageous Director Charlie Becker for ideas he could tackle to earn his Eagle Scout Award. The fencing project seemed to be the biggest project on Camp’s docket.

     “I figured I could give it a shot,” said Chapman, whose mom, Sue, used to work and volunteer at Camp in the past. “I wanted to help them out.”

     Chapman said Camp Courageous is “an amazing place with so many options for kids with disabilities.”

     Chapman has been involved in Boy Scouts since he was 7 years old. His goal is to earn his Eagle Scout Award before he turns 18, though he is well on his way to achieving that goal.

     “I don’t have to finish it this year, but it’d be nice to get it done before it freezes,” said Chapman.

     For more details or to donate toward Chapman’s Eagle project, call Sue at 319-975-8358 or e-mail You can send donations to 435 S. Sycamore St., Monticello, IA 52310.

     “Any donations would help,” said Chapman.

     Any funds collected above the $214 will be donated directly to Camp Courageous.



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