COLUMN: The Fall Classic is upon us

Mark Spensley
Express Co-Publisher

     Braves vs. Astros. Did anyone call that back in the spring? I went back and looked at my predictions. They were off quite a bit.

     Of the six NL teams I picked (Mets, Cardinals. Dodgers, Padres, Nationals and Cubs) only the Cardinals and Dodgers made the playoffs.

     Of the six AL teams I picked (Tampa Bay, Twins, Astros, Yankees, White Sox and Angels) only the Astros, White Sox and Yankees survived. If I was a gambling man I would be in the red. In fact, some of those 12 teams had pretty crappy seasons.

     My World Series teams were the Dodgers versus the Astros, so I got one-half of that correct. I wonder if the television ratings will be good for this year’s series? I’m guessing I will watch some of those games but I surely will not be glued to the TV. I am hoping for a Braves win but if I had money to bet, I’d bet the Astros in six games.

     It's bow season. In a couple of weeks, bucks will be chasing. Please do keep an eye out while you are driving. I’ve hunted only three or four times so far and haven’t had a deer close enough to shoot. I have a doe tag and would like to get some meat for the freezer.

     I would like to congratulate my son, Dillon. He shot a decent buck on 
Oct. 16, just his second or third day out. He shot his buck from a new stand I put up for him this year. I finally must have gotten the right spot for once. He also self-filmed his hunt. I am anxious to see the finished product.

     Dillon has worked hard when it comes to bow hunting. He has his mind set on certain-sized buck so it’s been quite a few years since he killed one. He has shot several does over that time period.

     Back in 2019 he shot a nice buck that we never found. It looked to be a good shot and we tracked blood for a while but we never did find him. Unfortunately, that’s part of hunting.

     Last season I purchased my first cellular hunting cameras, three to be exact. I bought three more this season. I swear I enjoy my cameras as much as I do actually bow hunting. Besides seeing plenty of deer, I’ve gotten pictures of a badger, lots of turkeys and raccoons, too many coyotes and a couple of cats.

     Squirrels seem very photogenic this time of the year. I’ve got a couple of dogs that keep showing up as well. This week I got a combine, tractors pulling wagons, a guy with a chainsaw (making room for that equipment to get through) and last but not least, a game warden in his pickup. That would be a first.

     I’m due to shoot a nice deer this year, wish me luck. I am also for the first time trying to self-film my hunt as well. That should be either interesting or a disaster. I’m guessing the latter.



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