Comfortable weather allows most Fair sports events to be held

Spinning out of a turn are Modified drivers Ray Cox, Jr. (left) and Andy Edwards during auto racing action July 21 at the fair. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Tricia Eilers (center) receives the Best Decorated Car trophy from winner Nate Folkers, who decorated his car for Sunday’s Demolition Derby as part of the Fight Against Domestic Violence. Ehlers is the mother of Stephanie Bowling, who was murdered in a pending domestic violence case. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Kyle Betenbender of Coggon competes in the National Summer Slide July 18 on the fairgrounds track.

Dalton Husmann (left) and Nick Burgin compete to move the “ball” during the Football division.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     All except one of the Great Jones County Fair sports events for 2018 were held, as comfortable weather kept the fairgrounds track in good condition for five of the six days in which events were scheduled.

     The exception was harness racing, as rains throughout the day Thursday, July 19 caused that event to be cancelled, for the third year in a row.

     Results from the other events follow.


East Central Iowa Pullers

Association Tractor Pull

     Darin Hynick of Sigourney had the top pull during East Central Iowa Pullers Association action Wednesday afternoon, July 18 at the fair.

     Competing in the 6,700-pound LLSS division, Hynick had a top pull of 323.81 feet.

     Results follow.



     7,700-pound Hot Stocks: 1, Andrew Vorwald, 282.87 feet; 2, Steve Kyarsgaard, 280.46; 3, Mark Thoma, 277.96.

     11,500-pound Too Hot to Farm: 1, Dominic Holdgrafer, 316.93; 2, Travis Sieverding, 313.74; 3, Dan Heims 312.37.

     9,500-pound Hot Farm: 1, Brian Steffen, 318.90; 2, Mark Wiggins, 313.25; 3, Joe Ament, 311.83.

     8,000-pound 3.0 Diesel Trucks: 1, Matt Poduska, 309.13; 2, Adam Nimtz, 305.25; 3, Greg Read, 301.47.

     6,700-pound LLSS: 1, Darin Hynick, 323.81; 2, Alan Mohr, 316.25; 3, Don Newton, 310.36.

     8,500-pound 466 Open: 1, Todd Kinsinger, 305.15; 2, Marty Kuhlmann, 302.21; 3, Elmer Van Donselaar, 290.28.

     9,300-pound Super Farm: 1, Andy Schuldt, 305.01; 2, Ryan Jensen, 304.22; 3, Dan Schulte, 304.22.

     6,200-pound Super Stock 2WD: 1, Larry Boggess, 307.85; 2, Cody Kayser, 305.25; 3, Leo Massman, 300.74.


National Summer Slide

     Kenneth Witt of Houston, Minn. had the longest pull, 352.560 feet, during the National Summer Slide truck and tractor pull Wednesday night at the fair.

     Witt won the 8,000-pound Heavy Super Stock Tractor division. A total of 53 entries competed.

     Results follow.



     6,200-Pound Modified 2WD Trucks: 1, Tony Fleming, 327.725 feet; 2, Roger Simon, 326.810; 3, Troy Warschkow, 326.415.

     9,500-pound Limited Pro Stock Tractors: 1, Bill Figanbaum, 333.645; 2, Kevin Lindstrom, 328.185; 3, Mike Sather, 327.775.

     8,000-pound Heavy Super Stock Tractors: 1, Kenneth Witt, 352.560; 2, Robert Gansemer, 326.255; 3, Marcus Wettleson, 317.980.

     9,300-pound Super Farm Tractors: 1, Dan Schulte, 341.970; 2, Rod Deck, 341.320; 3, Andy Schuldt, 330.595.

     6,200-pound Modified Four-Wheel Drive Trucks: 1, Carol Suchy, 336.385; 2, Jamie Busch, 331.755; 3, Matthew Davis, 321.030.


Mid-Summer Dirt Classic

     Jeff Aikey of Cedar Falls won the Modified feature during the Mid-Summer Dirt Classic auto racing event Saturday, July 21 at the fair.

     Other winners were Johnny Spaw of Cedar Rapids in the Stock Car Division; Wade Schultz and Mike Hansmeier of Lisbon, Two-Man Cruisers; and Mark Claeys of Eldridge, Vintage.

     Results follow.



     Stock Car: 1, Johnny Spaw; 2, Justin Temeyer; 3, Matt Picray; 4, Kevin Rose; 5, Matt Hudspeth; 6, Chris Hinrichs; 7, Russell Damme; 8, Kory Haverly; 9, Tim Bader; 10, Reece Norton.

     Two-Man Cruiser: 1, Wade Shultz and Mike Hansmeier; 2, Brandon Ehrisman and Corey Rupp; 3, Wayne Hora and Keith Keltner; 4, Kerry Davis and Kory Davis; 5, Randy Backes and Tim Backes.

     Modified: 1, Jeff Aikey; 2, Ray Cox; 3, Troy Cordus; 4, Justin Kay; 5, Mark Schulte; 6, J.D. Auringer; 7, Darin Duffy; 8, Patrick Flannigan; 9, Jason Snyder; 10, Andy Edwards.

     Vintage: 1, Mark Claeys; 2, Tim Bader; 3, Brian Ashmore; 4, Chris Rollinger.


Demolition Derby

     Mike Letts of Manchester won the Large Car division and Cody Hahesy of Manchester won the Small Car Division at the Demolition Derby Sunday, July 22 at the fair.

     Nate Folkers won for Best Decorated Car, in a vehicle decorated for the Fight Against Domestic Violence.

     In the Football division, the team of Nick Burgin of Edgewood and Riley Darrow of Greeley was the winner.

     Results follow.



     Large Car: 1, Mike Letts; 2, Justin Rich; 3, Cody Hahesy; 4, Matt Neuhaus; 5, Jeremy Robinson.

     Mid-Size: 1, Cody Hahesy; 2, Dylan Foster; 3, Josh Burgin; 4, Aaron Supple; 5, Zach Bowser; 6, Lawson Wilson; 7, Cody Barnes; 8, Dylan Letts; 9, Dalton Husmann.

     Football: 1, Nick Burgin and Riley Darrow; 2, Chris Claypole, Lukas Wilson and Dalton Husmann.

     Mid-Size Max Weld (no trophies given): 1, Riley Darrol; 2, Nick Burgin; 3, Dalton Aulwes; 4, Tanner Paul; 5, Dalton Boock.



     Results of the Tuesday, July 17 motocross event, scheduled as part of Sneak-A-Peak night, were unavailable at press time.



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